Sustainability Resources and Data



Yakima, May 2010

Faculty Lecture, October 27, 2010

Sustainability Summit - Story of the Month


Sightline Institute - contemporary issues affecting our bioregion

The Rational Middle Series

The World's Biggest Problems

Berkley Earth - Climate Date

Dieoff - Various Issues

Chris Jordan Photographs - These will give you a different perspective

The North Pacific Plastic Garbage Patch - Motivation to avoid the use of plastic

Housing and Transportation Affordability Index (Brookings Institution)

Pierce County Bike Map

The Story of Stuff Project by Annie Leonard

Systems Thinking

EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Large Facilities Map and Data

Developing Safe Bicycle Access to Pierce College:  Bikes Belong  and Alliance for Biking & Walking

Favorite Graphs that reflect World Issue

Petroleum Issues

Culture Change - Issues about the ubiquity and depletion of petroleum

Energy Bulletin - Information about all energy sectors

Oil Production and Oil Consumption Data  Other


Santa Fe Institute

Society for Judgment and Decision Making

1.  All issues relating to world population require an understanding of mathematics. 

    A. Per Capita v Life Expectancy graph. or  Hans Rosling's Demonstration 


2.  Sustainability

    A.  How far does food travel from source to our tables?   Sustainable Table

Pedagogy in Action


Non-mathematical Problems that require mathematics


Eventually, this section will contain a list of significant problems of a regional, national and global interest that can only be understood through mathematics.

1.  How much would fuel economy need to improve to compensate for population growth?

2.  A large piece of the economy is fueled by the exploitation of non-renewable resources.  What happens when those are substantially depleted?

3.  How many acres of farmland are needed to sustain each person.


Link to some interesting algebra and stats projects

Graphiq - produces graphs on lots of topics in the news.

Electrical Power - Energy Justice Map

Puget Sound demographic and transportation data

Crime Map








US Crude Oil Consumption Data, Energy Information Administration , Excel  

US Crude Oil Production Data, EIA, Excel

Basic Petroleum Statistics, EIA

Systems Biology

Firebrowse.beta (Broad Institute) - Clean Cancer Data

The Cancer Genome Atlas

cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics

GeneCards The Human Gene Compendium

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Data - Nanoos Explorer



2.2 I

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Domes of the World Contest

Human Powered Shower

Population - 7 billion

Peak Oil Blues

Ecological Footprint


Oil and Unemployment

Energy and GDP

Solutions to selected problems in Chapter 3

Solar panels


Wealth Gap

Youtube Video

A world without poverty - Microfinance

Wealth Gap Data for States

Equality Trust and Poverty Issues


Groups and organizations trying to make a difference

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Interactive Map

Santa Fe Institute

Venus Project

The Global Education Project


The Automatic Earth - A blog about the financial aspect of our current world


Monolithic Domes


Snow Data


















Windmill Information