Student Email - First Time Setup

First Login into the Google Student Email System

  1. Have your student identification number (SID) handy.
  2. Go to the URL
    Note: if you use AOL, connect to your AOL account, minimize your AOL screen and open another web browser.
  3. Enter your email and password then click sign in.

    Your Email is:
    • The first letter of your first name
    • All of your last name
    • And the last 4-digits of your SID
    • Will include

    John X. Doe with a SID 925-99-9999, then login name =
    Jane Public with a SID 925-88-8888, then login name =

    Your password is:
    Your default password is your 8-digit birth date (format = YYYYMMDD)

    EXAMPLE: If your birth day is 1980 January 1, then password = 19800101

    Already have a google account?
    • If you already have a google account and are currently signed in you'll need click "Sign in with a different account."
    • Click the "Add Account" button and follow the steps to add your new student email account.

  4. Read the Google Terms of Service, enter the CAPTCHA code, and click "I accept. Continue to my account."
  5. Google will then prompt you to change your password. Enter a password of your choice and click "Change password."