Campus Safety - Sex Offender Notification

Sex Offender Notification

The purpose of the Sex Offender Notification Procedure is to respond to the enrollment or presence of a convicted sex offender at Pierce College, with minimum interruption to the college community. A list of known currently attending registered sex offenders can be found at the Campus Safety Offices.

When Pierce College is notified by a corrections or law enforcement agency that a registered sex offender has enrolled or intends to enroll, or a registered sex offender self-reports to a college official, every effort will be made to notify the appropriate college community members within 5 working days after notification.

Notification from a corrections or law enforcement agency will be made to the Pierce College Campus Safety Department. Campus Safety will verify records to determine if the offender is a registered student. If the offender is a student, notification will be made to the College’s chief judicial officer.

In the case where an offender self-identifies to a college member, the college member will notify the appropriate Campus Safety Office.

Notification to the campus community will be made pursuant to RCW 4.24.550, Sex offender and kidnapping offenders-Release of information to public, and after direct consultation with local law enforcement. The appropriate administrator will contact the informing agency to obtain information regarding the offender's risk level classification. Risk level will determine the scope of notification.

Risk classifications are initially determined by professionals within the Department of Corrections prior to release of the offender. Classifications are made on a case-by-case basis after reviewing relevant records and information related to the offender.

  • Level I indicates low risk of re-offense
  • Level II indicates a medium risk of re-offense
  • Level III indicates a high risk of re-offense

Notification to the college community will be made based on the following risk classifications and will be consistent with the recommendations of the informing law enforcement agency.

    Level I - Low Risk to the Community
  • Offender name and Risk Level will be on file in the Campus Safety Office.
  • Notify campus Chief Judicial Officer.
    Level II - Medium Risk to the Community
  • If available, background information on the offender supplied by the reporting law enforcement agency will be on file in the Campus Safety Office. This information normally includes: offender name, picture, and descriptive information about the offender and the offense.
  • Notify faculty teaching classes in which the offender has enrolled.
  • Notify the Early Childhood Education Programs and child development centers.
    Level III - High Risk to the Community
  • Same notification as for Level II.
  • Notify all campus employees and students via college email systems.
  • Post information, including picture and name, to campus bulletin boards.

Any individual within the Pierce College community may have access to notification information. Files containing notification information will be held in the Safety Office on the campus where the offender is registered.

Each offender, regardless of risk classification, will be required to notify Campus Safety of their intent to enroll prior to their attending classes. Level 2 and level 3 offenders may be required to meet with the college's chief judicial officer and Campus Safety prior to attending classes to review the District’s notification procedure and conditions of enrollment.

Other than the notification procedure, the student will be provided other student rights and privacy protections, as for all other students.

Sex Offender Registration

Washington State Sex Offender Information Center

Pierce County Sheriff's Sex Offender Information

Thurston County Sheriff's Sex Offender Information

Federal Sex Offender Search Engine

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