Welcome to the Activites Board Page! We, as a team, are the ones who create fun and social events for all Pierce College Fort Steilacoom students, as well as some welcome to the whole community. Some events include things like issues and awareness, special events, entertainment, recreational activities, and even family events!

Continue scrolling down the page to see the team's contact info and take a peek at our events!


Special Events Coordinator - Jeanne Claryn Onggao
Phone: (253) 912-3612 / Email: joggao@pierce.ctc.edu

Entertainment & Recreation Coordinator - Melissa Stitt-Dastous
Phone: (253) 964-6763 / Email: mstitt-dastous@pierce.ctc.edu

Issues & Awareness Coordinator - Zach Spellman
Phone: (253) 964-6255 / Email: zspellman@pierce.ctc.edu

Promotions Coordinator - Celena Lewis
Phone: (253) 964-6757 / Email: clewis@pierce.ctc.edu

Communications Coordinator - Trent Botelho
Phone: (253) 964-6391 / Email: tbotelho@pierce.ctc.edu

Intramurals Coordinator - Haley Harn
Phone (CAS): (253) 912-3745 / Email: hharn@pierce.ctc.edu
Phone (HEC): (253) 912-3739


Below is just a peek at our Spring Quarter events! For more information on the events, such as locations and times, refer to our EVENTS CALENDAR, or click HERE to see a list of the events in a webpage.
  • September

    Welcome Daze
    National Voter Registration Day
    Meet Us! Your Student Government
    Clubs 101 Workshop
    Spirit Day
    Constitution Day

  • October

    Breast Cancer Awareness Day
    Common Book
    Ticket Sales
    Ice Cream Social
    Clubs Rush
    Family Movie Night
    Access & Disability Event
    Game Day
    Make a Difference Dat
    Spooky Lane

  • November

    Soldier Supply Drive
    College Movie Night
    Veterans Courage Recognition Day
    Art Daze
    Soldier Supply Send Off
    Presidents & Pastries
    Fireside Coffeehouse
    ELA Weekend Intensive

  • December

    HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
    Raider Review