How to Access Services

Students with disabilities must meet the same admission standards as non-disabled students. Pierce College does not limit the number of qualified students with disabilities admitted to the college.

  1. Anyone with a disability is encouraged to make an appointment with the ADS Manager. It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify as an individual with a disability and provide verifying documentation. To make an appointment, contact the Program Coordinator at the campus you are attending.
  2. Provide documents of your disability and discuss with the ADS Manager any barriers in relation to courses, activities or programs. A student is eligible for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services when qualifying criteria set forth by the Washington Association on Higher Education and Disability (WAPED) are met. Appropriate diagnostic information from a qualified licensed professional is required.
  3. Apply for admissions.
  4. Make an appointment with the Testing Center to take the placement assessment.
  5. Meet with an advisor to discuss educational goals and next steps to registration.
  6. Register for classes either in person or online.
  7. Meet with the ADS Manager to determine and request academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, or services.
  8. Take “green form” to instructor(s) for signature and return the signed form to the ADS office.
  9. Keep in touch with ADS during the quarter to ensure classes and all academic adjustments, auxiliary aids or services are appropriate.


Any retained documentation of a disability is treated as a confidential record. These records are maintained and kept with the ADS Office for seven years after the student leaves Pierce College.