Advisor working with student

Planning Your Education

Usually when beginning a journey, it's a good idea to have a map or, better yet, a GPS. The same applies to your educational journey. We encourage you to work with an advisor to create an educational plan.

Essentially, in writing an educational plan, you are writing your specific goals for the coursework you want to accomplish and when you want to accomplish them. The educational plan guides you and increases your chances of successfully completing a degree or course of study at Pierce College.

An educational plan is a quarter-by-quarter map of the courses needed to complete a degree. It is for planning purposes only and does not constitute a contractual agreement. See the appropriate catalog for required credit distribution. Here is an example of an educational planning form.

A strong educational plan includes the following information:

  • The requirements of the desired degree or certificate at Pierce College.
  • For transfer students, the admission requirements for the four-year college you plan to attend (often, foreign language is required); prerequisite course requirements for your planned major; and graduation requirements at the four-year college, such as additional foreign language requirements.
  • The proper sequencing of prerequisites of Pierce College coursework.
  • Advisor confirmation that critical courses are projected to be offered during the quarters needed.

While an educational plan can be a complete map of a degree, from start to finish, it may make more sense to project out only a few quarters if your path is more fluid or uncertain.

To develop an educational plan, make an appointment with your assigned advisor. At certain times of the quarter, such as during Advising Weeks, advisors are very busy. Try to request a time other than the peak of advising and registration.