Senior Part-time Faculty

Business, Management and Fashion Merchandising


Phone: 253-964-7326 ext 4078


University of Phoenix
Master of Arts in Education

Faculty Training in ANGEL

University of Puget Sound
Bachelor of Arts Degree


  • Introduction to Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Design and Clothing Construction
  • Consumer Textiles
  • Introduction to Visual Promotion
  • Retailing and Merchandising
  • Professional Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Career Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Business

Teaching Philosophy

  • It is my intent as a teacher to facilitate an optimal learning environment for students. I feel that students need an environment that is interactive in nature, promotes critical thinking skills, and encompasses a problem-solving mind set. I strive to provide all students with a structured environment in which the freedom to express their ideas and opinions is welcomed.
  • I focus on student learning of the materials presented as well as the application of those materials to current issues. I feel that learning is incomplete if it cannot be related to life outside of the classroom. I have found that by setting high expectations students will rise to the occasion when in an atmosphere of encouragement and challenge.
  • My teaching approach results in students learning to communicate effectively, embrace multiculturalism, and conduct themselves in a responsible manner in the classroom. I approach individual class lessons using different formats with the student's perception and comprehension in mind. I implement learning exercises through lecture, PowerPoint presentations, web-enhancement through Angel, assigned research, group or individual assignments, projects, and class discussions. I use video resources, business periodicals, and "in-the-news" topics for relating concepts to the students' lives.
  • I adhere to the outcomes for each course instructed and measure student progress and learning retention through objective and essay exams, written assignments, case studies, projects, oral presentations, self-evaluation, and instructor observation.