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Confidentiality Statement

The Center for Engagement and Learning provides individual and group consulting services for faculty, staff, departments, and divisions to meet their professional development goals. We offer consultations and services in a variety of areas related to higher education including student and employee engagement, effective teaching and learning, Quality Matters standards, integrating educational technologies and pedagogical strategies in grounded and online courses.  Faculty and staff voluntarily engage our services to enhance their work within Pierce College’s learning environment.
CEAL maintains the confidentiality of the individual or groups we serve, and is dedicated to creating a safe space and trustworthy environment for all. In order to protect the privacy of individual faculty members and staff, the following policies are consistently followed:

  • Participation in CEAL activities, including individual consultations, is voluntary and is initiated only by the request of an individual faculty or staff member.
  • All individual consultations are strictly confidential.  All generated feedback or observations are available only to the individual faculty or staff member and the CEAL staff.
  • CEAL releases consultation information to external parties only upon written request of the faculty or staff participant. Upon receiving written request, CEAL will provide written verification confirming participation only, including listing the type(s) of activity and date(s) of such activity. 
  • Any specific feedback gathered or given as part of CEAL activities is meant to be formative only.  Feedback gathered or given is not intended for use in instances of evaluation, promotion, tenure, or re-appointment processes.
  • Gathered data is reported in aggregate form only and is used only for internal processes.  Data shared may include the number of faculty members attending seminars or participating in consultations.

Confidentiality of Faculty Consultations

The Center for Engagement and Learning offers individual and group consultation services to all full-time and adjunct faculty members on a wide-range of topics related to teaching and professional development. The nature of these consultations is kept strictly confidential.  While feedback is often provided, CEAL personnel do not evaluate faculty performance. Information that is discussed during consultations is shared with other parties outside of CEAL only upon written request of the faculty participant.
Common consultation topics include:

  • Course design and alignment
  • Syllabus development and review
  • Classroom management concerns
  • Strategies for student engagement
  • Integrating technology into teaching
  • Collaborative and project-based learning
  • Assessment and grading
  • Peer review and course evaluation