students on Puyallup campus

Allied Health Track

For students in Dental Hygiene, Nursing, Radiology Tech, etc.

CHEM& 100 - Preparatory Chemistry

Prep course for students who need CHEM& 121-131.
CHEM& 100 Course Outcomes

CHEM& 121 - Introduction to Chemistry for Health Science Majors

Pre Reg: CHEM& 100 or H.S. chemistry or instructor permission. Math 98 (may be taken concurrently) and recommended for English 101 on placement test.
CHEM& 121 Course Outcomes

CHEM& 131 - Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry for Health Science Majors

Continuation of Chem& 121
CHEM& 131 Course Outcomes

Non-Science Track

CHEM& 110 - Chemical Concepts w/Lab

A non-science major class geared for students with no chemistry experience. The goal of this class is to increase the student's understanding of chemistry in relationship to everyday life.
*Qualifies for a lab science credit.*
CHEM& 110 Course Outcomes

Science Major Track

CHEM& 139 - General Chemistry Prep

Prerequisite/prep course for students who need CHEM& 161-163
Pre Reg: Math 98 with a grade of 2.0 or better
CHEM& 139 Course Outcomes

CHEM& 161-163 - General Chemistry w/Lab

Science and engineering major chemistry, also premed, etc. Pre Reg: Chem& 139 and Math& 141 (may be taken concurrently) or with instructor's permission.
CHEM& 161 | CHEM& 162 | CHEM& 163 Course Outcomes

CHEM& 261-263 - Organic Chemistry w/Lab

Science major chemistry.
Pre Reg: Chem& 163
CHEM& 261 | CHEM& 262 | CHEM& 263 Course Outcomes