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All instruction continues to be delivered virtually throughout winter quarter, aside from four programs that are approved for in-person instruction: Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Emergency Medical Services and Veterinary Technology.

There are several important steps we all must take in order to come to campus for any reason.

Departments (Instructional and Non-Instructional)

Pierce College departments that wish to transition from virtual to on-site operations must complete and submit a safety plan for review and approval. 

College personnel who wish to plan activities or events associated with the college and which involve gatherings of students and staff on or off campus must also submit a safety plan as described above.

To facilitate this requirement, please use and follow the instructions on Safety Plan Template Form.

Individual Employee Requests to Access Campus

In lieu of completing a safety plan, an individual employee who requests access to come on campus must be approved by their supervisor as well as the Vice President (VP) or President (P) (as appropriate) in their supervisory chain. If the request is for an ongoing activity, this approval may be granted once on a continual basis at the discretion of the VP/P and must be indicated upon approval. If you need to access the campus, you must submit an Individual Request to Access Campus Form.


Visitors, including vendors coming to campus for a short, specific purpose, such as dropping off supplies need only to complete and submit the online Health Check form, coordinate with their campus point of contact and notify Campus Safety.

Health Check Form

All persons must complete and submit the online Health Check Form each day, prior to arrival on campus.

Health Check Form

Additional Information

Anyone who comes to campus for any reason must wear a mask, and follow social distancing protocol by maintaining a minimum 6 foot distance from others.

We will initiate contact tracing protocols should we receive reports of positive cases and exposures on campus. We will then notify affected persons who have been on campus through our online symptoms screening reporting process.

State safety regulations require us to provide a way for you to report a complaint or violation of these procedures. These complaints will be investigated by Pierce College personnel.

Please refer to our COVID-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation, and Recovery Plan (CECMR) for more details.

If you have questions concerning any of the above or think you may have been exposed on campus, you can contact District Safety and Health Specialist Jose Nieves at