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Transfer Opportunities

The Associates Degree in Digital Design is not transferable to the majority of schools in the state with Evergreen State College being the one exception under their Upside-Down Degree Transfer Program. Students looking to transfer to a four-year university have two choices:

1. Earn Both a Digital Design and AA-DTA Degree

The AA-DTA is the degree accepted by most all institutions for transfer and can be earned with proper planning in as little as two additional quarters beyond the Associates in Digital Design. Digital Design students would be normally need to pick up an additional 6 classes (30 credits.) If planned correctly, this would be three Natural Science classes, two Social Science classes and one Humanities. This would be assuming a student would take the following as part of their Associates in Digital Design: ENGL 101; DDSGN 140, DDSGN 170 and DDSGN 211 as those are the Digital Design classes that count as GTE courses; Math 107 (or higher) for their Business Math credit; PSYC& 100 for their Human Relations credit.

2. Earn an AA-DTA degree for Transfer with a Few Digital Design Courses

Part of the AA-DTA degree requirements are three General Transferable Electives (GTE) and three General Electives (GE.) Students can count DDSGN 140, DDSGN 170 and DDSGN 211 as GTE classes and any 15 credits of Digital Design classes as the GE requirement for a possible total of 6 Digital Design classes as part of an AA degree.

Students wishing to follow this route should schedule an appointment with a Digital Design advisor to plan which courses would benefit them best.

University Opportunities

Transferring to a four-year institution for graphic design or rich media can be a very competitive process. Most schools have deadlines to apply for these programs very early in a student's sophomore year (in the December–January range usually.) While the Digital Design program coordinator can offer some suggestions on schools, the transfer requirements vary greatly from school to school and it is the students' responsibility to be aware of the transfer requirements. Some schools will even require a student take specific classes before being considered for transfer. If the student is not aware, there is potential for losing a year before being able to even apply to a specific school.

For more information about the Digital Design program and transfer options, contact the program coordinator Leigh Rooney at 253-912-2306 or