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eLearning allows you to take college courses without attending classes on campus. All courses require access to a computer connected to the Internet. The amount of time online and types of activities differ for each eLearning mode. They are affordable, show on your transcript and are transferable — just like regular campus-based courses! Several programs have degrees that can be completed online, including a general associate of arts transfer degree.


253-964-6244 or toll free: 877-eLForMe (353-6763)

Things to Consider and Know

Is eLearning right for you?

Take the self-assessment or sign up for CIS 103 and see how it works first hand.

Do you have an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

Don't register until you are connected and working! You can use campus labs if you don’t have mobile or home Internet connections.

Does your computer meet the requirements?

Compare your computer specifications to these required for the eCampus:
eCampus computer requirements

Be sure you are using a supported Web Browser:
eCampus-supported browsers

Are you ready to register?

Check out the Pierce College Getting Started guidelines.

Technology Skills

  • Computer navigation and operation with common software like Microsoft Office or MS Works
  • Internet connection at home, work, in campus labs, or college or public libraries
  • Skill using the computer, software and Internet systems such as the Web and email

Additional Fees

  • PCOL: $8 per credit
  • HYBRIDS: $4 per credit

Special Details

  • Financial aid students can use their award to pay the fee
  • Tuition is the same as for standard campus-based courses
  • Some class start dates may differ from the regular college calendar (particularly shorter courses)

If you have additional questions, you can check out the eCampus frequently asked questions.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses combine class work at the physical campus with work that's completed in the online classroom. This is a great option if you like online learning, but still enjoy face-to-face contact with teachers and classmates. These classes have a $4-per-credit technology fee per course.

Pierce College Online (PCOL)

Pierce College Online (PCOL) are traditionally structured online courses that allow you the freedom to attend class on your own schedule. These courses are not self-paced, so you'll need to follow the structure and schedule of traditional classes. These classes have an $8-per-credit technology fee per course.

Pierce College Online (PCOL) courses are available only through Pierce College, and all students enroll here. The instructor is at Pierce College, and the Pierce Bookstore is the primary source for course materials.

PCOL courses are NOT correspondence courses, nor are they self-paced. They have scheduled start and end dates closely following the normal quarterly schedule. You are expected to participate regularly in the online classroom. Count on spending 15 hours per week on a course, checking in five out of seven days a week. Activities include online threaded discussions, research, regular submission of assignments, group activities, textbook work, etc. You do not have to be online at a specific time, so you can fit course activities around your life.

Get books at the Pierce College Bookstore.

Important PCOL dates are listed on the Academic Calendar.

Continuous Entry

Continuous entry courses allow you to join open course sections up until the last day that withdrawals are allowed. You work your way through course requirements, turning in assignments and taking exams as you are able to complete them. If you don't complete by the end of the initial quarter in which the course was started, you typically receive a Z grade that signifies you are in progress. Some courses require a minimum amount of completed coursework for a Z grade. Be sure you are aware of financial aid and other degree program guidelines that require students to complete courses in the quarter they are started. Your final grade is posted at the end of the quarter in which you complete the course.

Self-Support Courses

Self-support (or “fee-based”) courses are offered outside the traditional state-supported tuition system. The noted fees are collected no matter how many courses are taken on a tuition basis. Generally, they do not qualify for financial aid funding. Credit courses will appear on Pierce College transcripts, and certificates of completion will be issued for non-credit courses upon request. Some of these courses follow a learner-paced lesson schedule within a limited time frame.

Refund Policy

Class cancelled by the College = 100% refund. Students withdrawing prior to first meeting = 100% refund, less a $5 non-refundable registration fee. Refunds are generally not made after a class has started, but remain at the discretion of the eLearning office.

Elearning Registration


You may register online, by mail or in person at either college. You also can fax your mail-in registration to 253-964-6427. For phone-in registration, call 253-864-3330, Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (except holidays and summer break).

Pierce College Online: Due to the time needed for students to prepare for the start of these online courses, any PCOL sections with openings at the end of the last day to register without instructor permission will be fully closed. This means there is no late registration, even with instructor permission, so plan in advance.


Costs follow the institutional guidelines for tuition and fees:

  • PCOL: An $8-per-credit eLearning support fee is charged, in addition to tuition and fees, in courses designated with PCOL mode.
  • Self-Support courses: Fees noted in list.


PCOL, Quarterly Schedule and Continuous Entry: Institutional guidelines and dates for withdrawal and refunds apply.

Self-Support courses: See policy in description.

Debts to the College: If you have an outstanding debt to the college, the college might choose to offset the outstanding debt against any refunds due to you.

After Registration Steps

PCOL and Self-Support Courses: Visit eCampus.

College Policies

Pierce College has a number of policies related to students. You can find all our policies here.