Pierce College Endorsement for Written Communication

Students may earn an endorsement for written communication by completing a total of 23 credits in composition studies. The endorsement is awarded upon completion of a final capstone course, in which students generate a portfolio, showcasing what they believe is their best college writing.

If interested, contact Duncan McClinton 253-840-8373, Coordinator, English and Humanities Department, Pierce College Puyallup.

Step 1

Core Courses: 10 credits
(courses must be completed with a 2.0 or better)
English 101 5 credits
AND—select one of the following composition studies:

  • English 103, Argumentation and Research
  • English 107, Writing About Literature
  • English 235, Technical Writing 5 credits
5 credits

Step 2

Elective Courses: 10 credits (courses must be completed with a 2.0 or better)
COMPLETE an additional 10 credits (two classes) from the remaining composition courses (courses may not be repeated for credit):

  • English 103—Argumentation and Research
  • English 107—Writing About Literature
  • English 235—Technical Writing 10 credits
10 credits

Step 3

Required Capstone Course: 3 credits (completion with a minimum 3.0)
English 256—Portfolio Writing 3 credits