Study how the mind, body and spirit can be developed to enhance and improve health, fitness and quality of life.

Program Description

The Health Education/Wellness program at Pierce College is the study of how the mind, body and spirit can be developed to enhance and improve health, fitness and quality of life. Students learn about fitness, nutrition, stress management, disease prevention, spirituality, smoking and substance abuse, and weight control.

Health Education/Wellness majors

The following health and wellness courses are recommended:

  • BIOL& 241 and 242: Human anatomy and physiology I and II
  • ENGL& 101: English composition I
  • HSCI 200: Human stress: Its nature and control
  • HSCI 210: Wellness

The following additional courses are also recommended for students seeking transfer:

  • BIOL& 160: General biology
  • BIOL& 211: Majors: Cellular
  • CHEM& 100: Preparatory chemistry
  • CMST& 101: Intro to communication
  • HSCI 119: Human health and disease
  • NUTR& 101: Nutrition
  • PE 104-199: Physical education activity
  • PE 228: First aid and CPR for healthcare professionals
  • PSYC& 100: General psychology
  • SOC& 101: Intro to sociology


Department Chair and PTA Program Advisor