Leave of Absences

Employees requiring a leave of absence or reduced schedule for medical reasons for themselves or for a qualifying family member, qualifying military leaves, pregnancy disability leave or for parental leave for the purpose of bonding with a newborn, adopted child or foster care placement may qualify for protected leaves. To see if you qualify, please return the Leave of Absence Request Form to the Human Resources Office in person, by campus mail, or email your completed form to benefits@pierce.ctc.edu. Employees will receive an eligibility letter outlining qualifying leave types and any required verification and/or supporting documentation needed to process the leave request.

The U.S Department of Labor has created the following certification forms for qualifying reasons under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for your use:

Also consider:

During Your Leave

  • If your leave was approved, follow the guidelines spelled out in your Leave of Absence Approval Letter. Your responsibilities may include the following:
    • Employees on intermittent/reduced schedule leave for foreseeable events must work with their supervisors to schedule the leave so as not disrupt the department’s operations. Any deviations made from the approved reduced schedule should be reported by following your department’s call out procedures.
    • You will be required to complete your timesheet through TLR or time slips by the normal due dates. Be sure to notate “FMLA” or “Approved LOA” in the comments section for associated dates.
    • Pierce College will continue your current benefits, but you will be required to pay your portion of the benefits while out on leave. You have a minimum 30-day grace period in which to make premium payments. If payment is not made timely, your benefits may be cancelled, provided we notify you in writing at least 15 days before the date that your health coverage will lapse. You may make your payments in the following ways:
      • Using paid leave – your deductions will continue on your paychecks 

      • Making arrangements with your payroll representative to pay by check, money order, cash or credit card. Please visit the Payroll contact web page on the intranet for contact information
    • While you are on leave, you will be required to provide your supervisor with periodic reports every 30 days of your status and intent to return to work.
    • In regards to health insurance, employees experiencing special open enrollment events (e.g., birth or adoption, loss of coverage, etc.) should visit Life Events Benefits page for information about changing health plan elections.

Returning to Work

As you prepare to return to work, follow the guidelines spelled out in your Leave of Absence Approval Letter. Your responsibilities may include the following:

  • Present a Return to Work (RTW) Form to Human Resources. Your return may be delayed until certification is provided. Fitness for duty certificates are also required if you request to work from home during your leave period. Keep in mind that work from home is subject to supervisor approval.
  • If you need an accommodation for your job duties, follow the guidelines found on the Accommodations page.