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Bachelor of Applied Science in Homeland Security Emergency Management (BAS-HSEM)

An All Hazards Emergency Management Program

Pierce College is pleased to announce its new Bachelor of Applied Science in Homeland Security Emergency Management degree program beginning every fall quarter. This leadership and management degree program is part of a guided career pathway designed to prepare students to become 21st century emergency management professionals. The HSEM program is taught primarily online to train adults to oversee all-hazard emergency planning and training programs, coordinate disaster planning, and coordinate response and recovery efforts.

Traditional career pathways into emergency management jobs have evolved, and an industry need for HSEM professionals with complex, cross-functional jobs requires new skill sets. There is a growing need in all sectors of the community for agile career professionals who understand the complex nature of emergency preparedness, disaster management and homeland security, including cyber security.

Recognition of the need for whole community involvement has led to the growth of professional homeland security and emergency management careers with a myriad of titles found in both the public and private sectors.

Download an Application

The BAS-HSEM program builds off the strong foundation of a professional technical Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Homeland Security Emergency Management.

Please submit all materials to:

Pierce College
Cindy Bassage, Homeland Security Emergency Management – BAS
9401 Farwest Drive S.W.
Lakewood, WA  98498-1999

Who is Encouraged to Apply

  • Applicants with an associate degree in Homeland Security Emergency Management (HSEM) or an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in any HSEM related field.
  • Current or former members of the U.S. military seeking to build upon education, training and experience gained through military service in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy or Marines or through service in the National Guard.
  • Also encouraged to apply are individuals interested in or indirectly affiliated with emergency preparedness or disaster management or homeland security.

Application Checklist

  • Submitted the BAS-HSEM Application (see button above) per instructions.
  • Submitted Official Transcripts from a regionally accredited college. (This includes transcripts from courses taken at Pierce College.) Note: if some or all transcripts are from other countries, they will need to be evaluated. Evaluations can be conducted by any agency in NACES.
  • Submitted a Personal Statement (300–400 words) articulating the applicant’s personal and professional interests in a BAS-HSEM degree and the profession of emergency management.
  • Submitted one (1) letter from a personal, professional or academic reference.
  • Submitted a professional resume.

Additional Information