Residence Hall Agreement

This Residence Hall Agreement pertains to all students occupying a room in the Center for Global Scholars (hereafter referred to as CGS) managed by Pierce College. Pierce College and Residence Hall staff reserve the right to make changes to this agreement and will post the most current edition on our website. Students are also responsible for reading the Pierce College Student Rights and Responsibilities Student Code of Conduct, as part of the conditions of their stay at CGS.

Our primary means of communication is through a student’s official Pierce College email address, or the email address designated as the primary contact for the resident. Any reminders, official statements or announcements will be communicated through the specified email account and it is expected that students check this email account regularly to keep up with messages. The Residence Hall and Pierce College are not responsible for missed deadlines or delayed responses to requests as a result of a student’s choice not to check their email.

1. Agreement Terms

This agreement obligates the student to occupy their Residence Hall assignment for the amount of quarters agreed to herein. It is an agreement between Pierce College and the student which constitutes an offer of Residence Hall accommodations within the space available. This agreement becomes effective once signed by the student, thereafter constituting an acceptance of all terms and conditions within and is a promise to pay all associated student Residence Hall charges to Pierce College.

2. Eligibility

In order to be eligible for occupancy in the Residence Hall, the student must be both 18 years of age and registered at Pierce College during all quarters of occupancy. The student must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits and maintain a minimum cumulative 2.70 GPA during their period of occupancy.

Students who fail to register and/or fail to remain registered during their agreement term will be required to vacate their Residence Hall assignment. Students required to vacate will not receive a refund of any payments already made to the College, and will remain responsible for payment for the current quarter and all other charges. Eligible students are limited to one academic year at the Center for Global Scholars.

The Center for Global Scholars reserves the right to refuse to offer a Residence Hall assignment for reasons that include, but are not limited to: students who have a criminal history and students who are not of legal age to enter into a binding agreement in the State of Washington.

3. Administrative Fee, Room Fee, and Responsibility for Damage or Loss

Beginning at the start of winter quarter 2017, a room fee of $200.00 will be paid by all incoming students before their first quarter of occupancy on the established payment deadline. An administrative fee of $100 will also be paid at this time, for a total of $300. (The room fee and administrative fee have been waived for students applying to begin their stay in the fall of 2016, CGS’s inaugural quarter.) A Room Condition Form will be provided to the student at check-in. By completing and submitting the Room Condition Form, the student acknowledges their acceptance of the condition of the room and its contents. Students who fail to submit a Room Condition Form by the deadline will have their Residence Hall assignment assumed to be in an acceptable condition and will forfeit the right to dispute any responsibility for damages. Change in room condition deemed as “more than normal wear and tear” at the time of check-out will result in repair and replacement charges billed to the student responsible for them. If one student does not accept responsibility for the damages in a multi-occupant room, the charge will be shared by all the students who resided in that room during the quarter prior to the move out. Students will be responsible for damage and replacement charges incurred by the Center for Global Scholars.

Any past due amounts owed at time of check-out may be billed to and held against the student’s Pierce College account.

4. Agreement Renewal

Students wishing to renew this agreement at the end of their agreement term may do so during the agreement renewal period. Students will be notified when their agreement renewal period begins and ends. During this time, students will need to choose whether they would like to renew their agreement or vacate their Residence Hall assignment at the end of their agreement term. Students who do not follow the designated process for agreement renewal by the deadline may lose the option to renew their agreement and be required to vacate at the end of their agreement term. Pierce College reserves the right to not renew a student’s agreement for another agreement term.

5. Agreement Cancellation Requests and Early Cancellation Policy

Students are urged to carefully consider their circumstances prior to signing this agreement. This is a legally binding agreement between the student and Pierce College. Students who choose to cancel this agreement prior to the end of their agreement term may not receive any refund, or may receive a reduced refund of any payments already made to the College.

Students who are dismissed from the College for academic or disciplinary reasons, or who are required to vacate for a violation of this agreement, will not receive a refund of any payments already made to the College, and will remain responsible for any payment(s) for the quarter and all other charges including those for damages.

6. Student Residence Hall Payment

The student agrees to pay the student Residence Hall rate and all other fees as published for the term of the agreement. Payments are due on the date listed on the Residence Hall payment calendar. A $50.00 late fee will be added to payments that are five or more business days late. Students can make payments by visiting the Cashier’s Office, online at the Residence Hall website, or by bank wire. Students using financial aid will be responsible for the balance of any amounts not paid by the student’s financial aid award.

Students with payments that are 10 or more business days late will receive a three day pay or vacate notice. If a full payment is still not made, the student will be required to vacate their Residence Hall assignment. Students required to vacate will not receive a refund of any payments already made to the College, and will remain responsible for any payment(s) for the quarter and all other charges, including damages. Until debts owed are paid in full, students understand that a hold will be placed on their records and they will not be allowed to withdraw, obtain transcripts or register for future quarters. In the case of a student required to vacate their Residence Hall assignment, Pierce College has the right to vacate and move student possessions to a storage unit and the student is responsible for any cost incurred.

Failure to make payment as agreed may result in student’s account being referred to an outside collection agency and student will be responsible for all costs including collection cost 25% to 35%, 12% interest and reasonable legal fees per Washington State Law. (All collection costs are added on top of your outstanding account balance.) In the event that the College must use legal remedies to collect rent, fees, fines, and/or damage payments, all additional legal and collection fees will be the responsibility of the student.

7. Utilities

CGS shall furnish, at no additional cost, the heat, lights, water, and wireless internet reasonably required for the premises. The College is not liable for any interruptions in utility service or damage caused by fire, water, steam, the elements, insufficient heat, loss or surges of electricity or other matters causing damage to personal property. CGS encourages residents to obtain renters insurance.

8. Room Entry

Authorized College personnel may enter a student’s room at any time. Room searches will occur when College officials believe a search is necessary to resolve a life, safety, or health-threatening situation or when state law or College policy is believed to have been violated. College officials will enter a student’s room to conduct health, safety, and maintenance inspections; to perform requested or preventative maintenance; if the smell of smoke is present; to silence a disruptive noise; or if the College or staff believes that an emergency situation is about to take place or is taking place.

Property can be seized and removed from a student’s room if it constitutes an imminent danger or disruption to the student or others, if the property is College owned, or when state law or College policy is being violated.

9. Liability

The College is not responsible for the loss, damage to, or theft of property belonging to the student. Further, the College shall not be liable for any claims for damage by reason of any injury or injuries to any person or persons, or damage to property which in any way arises out of the use and occupancy in student Residence Hall. The student hereby agrees to hold Pierce College harmless from all liabilities on account of or by reason of any such injuries, liabilities, claims, suits, or losses. The student shall be responsible for obtaining insurance coverage on their personal property. CGS will have no liability or responsibility due to causes beyond reasonable control. Reasons include (but are not limited to), failure by prior students to move out on time, an uninhabitable condition due to damage or otherwise, or lack of services such as electricity, water, or otherwise.

10. Assignment Policy

Room assignments are made according to a student’s request for reasonable accommodations based on the date of their application, and space availability.

CGS reserves the right to consolidate, reassign, and make temporary Residence Hall assignments as considered necessary.

No guarantee of a room assignment shall be implied by the Residence Hall Application, Residence Hall Agreement, or Residence Hall Handbook.

Students are not permitted to sublet the room to another person or allow additional occupants to reside in the room.

11. Room Changes

A student may change rooms only with authorization from the Resident Manager. Unauthorized room changes or failure to move out of a requested room when required may result in additional charges as determined by Pierce College. See the Residence Hall Handbook for more information.

12. Check-in and Check-out

Each student is considered checked-in when they obtain an access control card. When moving into their Residence Hall assignment, the student shall complete, sign, and submit a Room Condition Form. When vacating their Residence Hall assignment, the student must check-out with the Resident Manager or their designee. Each student agrees to follow the proper check-out procedure when vacating the premises or relocating within CGS. Failure to follow established checkout procedures may result in an improper check-out charge as determined by the Resident Manager.

All residents must check-out by noon the day after the last final exam day per the Pierce College academic calendar. Students needing to stay in their room after this time must receive approval from the Resident Manager and will be charged an extended stay rate. The College reserves the right to move students to a different room for the remainder of their stay.

Upon vacating their room, students are responsible for the removal of all trash and personal property in accordance with the instructions given by CGS. Failure to do so will result in charges being imposed for removal.

13. Abandonment of Personal Property

If personal property is left in the student’s Residence Hall assignment after check-out or when the agreement term has ended, College officials will remove the items at the student’s expense. CGS, without liability, has the right to dispose of any personal property left on the premises after the student vacates their Residence Hall assignment. Additionally, an improper check-out charge may apply.

14. Break Period Housing for the Residence Hall

Break Period Housing for the Residence Hall is based on the College’s academic calendar. Students staying during winter and spring breaks must notify CGS so that an appropriate headcount of students can be kept on file and given to CGS staff. Students staying during breaks understand that there will be limited access to staff and on-campus resources during this time. Students staying outside of the designated scheduled academic quarters will be charged a daily rate based on the current Fee Schedule. CGS has the right to close and may not be open for break periods depending on occupancy of the residence hall.

15. Room Re-Assignment or Consolidation

In order to maximize occupancy, comply with Title IX and/or ADA requirements, to settle conflicts, or as a sanction for violating CGS policies or the Student Code of Conduct, the CGS staff has the authority to reassign students to another room.

16. Student Responsibilities

The student agrees to observe all rules and regulations of Pierce College, CGS, the Code of Conduct, and the State of Washington, which are incorporated by reference into this document. The student agrees to honor all terms and conditions stated in this agreement and other official College publications. Violations of laws and/or policies, specifically ones related to alcohol and drugs, weapons possession, tampering with fire equipment, pets, and violations of the Student Code of Conduct, may result in immediate removal from student Residence Hall.

17. Damage and Costs

The student agrees to be liable for damage or other loss incurred to the building, room, furniture, and/or equipment that is not the result of normal wear and tear. The student agrees to pay such damages to the College upon demand.

18. Access Control, Lock Outs, and Student Identification

Each student is given an access control card which allows them entry to the exterior doors and their room assignment. These cards are not allowed to be in the possession of guests or other people under any circumstances. Students should report lost or stolen cards to the Resident Manager immediately. A $50.00 replacement fee will be charged for all new cards.

Students are responsible for carrying their access control cards at all times and ensuring their door is closed and locked when they leave. If the student is locked out, a CGS staff member will permit entry to the room only after verifying the student is the occupant of the room using photo identification. Students will be granted one free lockout per quarter. Students with additional lockouts will be charged a $10.00 fine per lockout.

All students residing in student Residence Hall are required to obtain a Pierce College photo identification card.

19. Room Care

Students are responsible for removing waste materials in a proper manner, cleaning their rooms, and maintaining sanitary and safe conditions which are acceptable to the College and Resident Manager. Furniture provided by CGS may not be removed from the room.

20. Smoke Detectors and Fire Safety

Students are responsible for notifying CGS staff immediately if they believe the smoke detector in their room is broken or malfunctioning. Under no circumstances may a person disable or tamper with a smoke detector. Students in a room where the smoke detector has been disabled or tampered with will receive a $200.00 fine and may be subject to immediate removal or other sanctions.

Extension cords may not be used as a substitute for permanent wiring. Extension cords should be plugged directly into an approved receptacle outlet and can serve only one appliance or fixture that is not rated with a capacity higher than the cord. They must be maintained in good condition (without splices, deterioration, or damage) and must not be subject to environmental damage or physical impact. Only three-prong surge protectors should be used when multiple items are plugged in. Extension cords should be rated for a 15 amp service. Routine safety checks are done in the halls, and you will be asked to replace non-compliant extension cords.

Fire drills are conducted at least once each quarter. All occupants must evacuate the building in a timely manner when a drill occurs, and rooms will be checked for compliance. Anyone refusing to evacuate is liable for sanctioning. Occupants are not to re-enter the building until directed to do so by a Pierce College official.

The following items are considered fire hazards and are not permitted within CGS:

  • Open-element appliances including, but not limited to, hot plates, space heaters, halogen lamps, lava lamps, and toaster ovens.
  • Candles, incense, hookahs, cigarettes, matches, lighters, e-cigs and other items with an open flame.
  • Fireworks and other explosives. These are prohibited anywhere on CGS property.

21. Sanctions

Sanctions may be taken against Pierce College students or other individuals on College property for violation of state and local laws, and College rules, regulations and policies. This may include, but is not limited to, such action as fines or any sanctions necessary to maintain order and protect the rights of students and staff.

A student will be immediately suspended from occupancy if the College determines continued occupancy poses substantial risk or harm to the safety of students or others, or unduly interrupts legitimate operational processes of the College. In the event that a student is removed from the Residence Hall as a sanction, there may be no refund of any payments already made to Pierce College.

22. Termination of Agreement by Residence Hall

CGS reserves the right to terminate this agreement for reasons including (but not limited to):

  1. Non-payment of rent or other fees
  2. Failure to remain enrolled and in acceptable standing per eligibility requirements in this agreement and in the Residence Hall Handbook.
  3. Violation of any rules, regulations, or laws listed in or referred to in this agreement, the Residence Hall Handbook, or state law.
  4. A student poses risk or harm to the safety of others or themselves and/or interrupts legitimate operational processes of the College.

Upon the termination of this Residence Hall Agreement, the student is required to immediately vacate their Residence Hall assignment. If the student does not immediately and cooperatively vacate their Residence Hall assignment, CGS may take any action it deems appropriate, including disabling the student’s access control card and removal and storage of the student’s property for no longer than ten days. A grace period of no more than 72 hours may be provided at the discretion of Pierce College.

Students who have their agreement terminated may not receive refunds for payments already made.

In the event that the College must use legal remedies to collect rent, fees, and/or damage payments, all additional legal and collection fees will be the responsibility of the student.

23. Move-out Refund Policy

Refund is available for the same time as the class 100% refund period is in effect based on the academic calendar.

Refund Dates: See the Academic Calendar

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