2020–2021 Academic Year

Updated 4/25/20


Your time outside of class is just as important as your time in class. Studies have shown that students who live in campus housing tend to get more out of their college experience and often earn higher grades.

The Pierce College Residence Hall – Center for Global Scholars (CGS) is traditional campus housing for both domestic and international Pierce College students. CGS values both student independence and a student’s need for community. It is a safe residential facility with events/programs and 24/7 assistance that provides opportunities to create meaningful relationships and grow leadership skills that support a student’s academic success and personal development.

CGS is conveniently located next to the bus stop and is an 8-minute bus ride from the Pierce College Fort Steilacoom campus. CGS is less than a 5-minute walk from a grocery store, various restaurants, Starbucks, Dollar Store and other convenient local services.

Check us out on Instagram @centerforglobalscholars to see more about your community.

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  • Promotes safety and security while providing independence
  • Provides easy access to campus and community resources
  • Opportunity to learn about other cultures and lifestyles, form lifelong friendships, and create lasting memories
  • Community-based educational and social events and programs
  • Leadership and cross-cultural opportunities
  • Research has shown that students who live in campus housing do better academically
  • Students often highlight their living experience and the leadership opportunities they gained as a result of living at CGS on their university transfer applications and on job applications


Room Furniture

  • Twin XL bed (bedding not included)
  • Nightstand
  • Wardrobe
  • Dresser
  • Desk and chair
  • Small personal drink refrigerator
  • Kitchen storage space and refrigerator storage space
  • Shared use of dishes, pots, pans, etc.
  • Room Wi-Fi and a wired internet connection

Building Amenities

  • Community Activities
  • Community kitchen
  • Dining hall and meeting room
  • Study room and spaces
  • Laundry room
  • Quiet room
  • TV lounge
  • Fitness room
  • Covered outdoor BBQ and picnic area
  • Outdoor courtyards
  • Bike storage
  • Common area Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 on site staff support

All utilities are included in the room costs.


Double rooms are the most common type of room within CGS. There are a limited number of single and triple rooms. All rooms are fully furnished and equipped. A student’s specific room type and roommate request will be given when possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

Room Details

  • Single Room: Limited availability. Average of 121 square feet. No roommate.
  • Double Room: Most common. Average of 208 square feet. One roommate.
  • Triple Room: Limited availability. Average of 231 square feet. Two roommates.
  • Quad Room: One available. Average of 295 square feet. Three roommates.

Room Costs

  Single Room Double Room Triple Room Quad Room
Summer Quarter Agreement 2020 $1,890 USD $1,575 USD $1,260 USD $1,135 USD
Three-Quarter Agreement 2020–2021 $2,600 USD per quarter
$7,800 USD for the academic year
$2,100 USD per quarter
$6,300 USD for the academic year
$1,700 USD per quarter
$5,100 USD for the academic year
$1,500 USD per quarter
$4,500 USD for the academic year
Winter Break (Dec. 10–28) $405 USD $330 USD $260 USD $235 USD


CGS is committed to Pierce College’s vision of creating equity, inclusion and positive student experiences by providing students housing options that are inclusive of all gender identities. Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is a great option for those for whom their sex assigned at birth does not match their gender identity, those who may be discovering their gender identity, those who do not wish to identify themselves by gender, allies of LGBTQIA+, and students who may feel more comfortable with a roommate of a different gender.  

Students who select this option in campus housing may share a room, hallway and community bathroom with students of any gender, gender identity, gender expression or sex. New and returning students interested in gender-inclusive housing should check the gender-inclusive housing option in the student interest section of the online application. Only applicants who specifically choose gender inclusive housing will be assigned to these spaces. GIH is not intended for students to live with a romantic partner and we strongly discourage this choice for anyone applying to live in the residence hall. 

We encourage all students to maintain an open dialogue with their families regarding housing decisions. Students over the age of 18 are legally able to make their own decisions regarding housing agreements. Students under the age of 18 are required to have parental consent. For questions about gender inclusive housing options or for more information please contact our Housing Team at

Important Dates to Remember:

  Fall Quarter Winter Break Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Check In
*after 6 p.m., special appt. required
New Residents:
Sept. 9 & 10, 2020

Returning Residents:
No later than Sept. 17

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.*

Current Residents Only:
Dec. 10, 2020

After 6 p.m. (no appt. needed)

New Residents:
Dec. 28, 2020

Returning Residents:
No later than Jan. 3

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.*

New Residents:
March 29, 2020

Returning Residents:
No later than April 4

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.*

Move Out or Check Out
(appt. required)
Dec. 10, 2020
By 6 p.m.
N/A March 24, 2021
By 6 p.m.
June 19, 2021
By 6 p.m.


For the purpose of this Housing Agreement, the terms below have the following meanings:

Agreement Period: From September 9 & 10, 2020, or beginning on the assigned Check-In date, through 6pm June 19, 2021.

Agreement Termination: Ending the Agreement after Check-In and before June 19. 2021. For terminations prior to Check-In, see Cancellation.

Cancel, Cancellation: Ending the Agreement before Check-In. For cancellations after Check-In, see Agreement Termination.

CGS: Center for Global Scholars, Residence Hall at Pierce College.

Check in: Obtaining Room keys for CGS regardless of whether or not the student is physically occupying the space.

Check out: Returning keys to the location designated by CGS.

Common Areas: All areas in the Residence Hall other than the student’s Room including, but not limited to, the TV Lounge, Study Room, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Laundry, Workout Room, lobby, bathrooms, hallways, gated courtyards, and open study spaces.

Winter Break: 6pm on December 10, 2020, through 9am on December 28, 2020, during which a student must contract separately.

Vacate: Refers to the termination of use and relinquishment of possession by the student of student’s room, the removal of personal belongings, and return of the unit keys to CGS Management Staff.


  1. I agree to all terms and conditions of this Agreement and acknowledge this Agreement is binding once I electronically sign and submit housing application online.
  2. This Agreement is entered into by and between Pierce College and me, a registered Pierce College Student, for my use and occupancy of a room in the Center for Global Scholars Residence Hall “CGS” according to the terms specified herein.
  3. If I am younger than 18 years at the time I submit my housing application and agreement, my parent or legal guardian must complete the Cosigner Agreement, available in my eRezLife account, with my application submission.
  4. Pierce College and I intend for this Agreement to constitute a license for the use of a Room and Common Areas in CGS as assigned by CGS, and further intend that this Agreement will not constitute a lease and will not create or transfer an interest in or a lien upon real estate. The relationship created by this Agreement between the College and me is that of licensor and licensee, not that of landlord and tenant. My use and occupancy is being provided incidental to the provision of educational services by the College.
  5. I may not transfer or assign this Agreement, or the right to occupy my assigned Room, or any other rights or benefits granted hereunder, to another person for any duration.
  6. The Agreement period for this contract includes the period covering Fall Quarter 2020, Winter Quarter 2020 & Spring Quarter 2021. During this period, the contract will automatically renew each quarter.
  7. The information provided by me in my housing application is true, complete and accurate. If the College determines that I have provided untrue, incomplete, or inaccurate information, the College will have a basis to declare me in breach of this Agreement, take disciplinary action against me, and/or require that I Check out of the College Housing immediately.
  8. Student agrees to provide payment for housing services as specified and all applicable charges under this agreement.
  9. Failure to comply with any term of this Agreement shall be grounds for the college to declare student in breach of this agreement, and the College may revoke the student’s license to occupy their CGS room.
  10. CGS will not disclose information relating to my student record, eRezLife housing account, application and assignment information as required by state and federal law, including but not limited to FERPA, except as stated in Section IX.E. I may authorize the release of information in the FERPA release form located in erezlife.
  11. Students with disabilities, accommodation or accessibility needs, will follow the same housing application process as all students to apply for CGS. If there are additional housing accommodations needed, all requests must be made through campus ADS Support and must have documentation provided. Requests can be made through Access and Disability Services. Please allow up to 30 days for all requests to be processed.
  12. This Agreement may be amended with a 30-day notice by the College during the term of this Agreement.
  13. Student consents to the college utilizing student’s primary cell phone number for use by the emergency alert system.
  14. Student consents to the college releasing student’s name, email address, and telephone number(s) to student’s assigned roommate(s), if any.


  1. Student represents that they are eligible to reside in CGS because student meets and will continue to meet for their occupancy term at CGS the following criteria:
    1. Student is currently or has been accepted as a student into the College, and I will maintain status as a registered student (6 credits or more) and with good academic standing; or lived in CGS during the Spring Quarter 2020 and have applied to live in College Housing for the next academic year. Students who are under academic concern or alert as outlined, may be required to meet regularly with academic support teams to maintain housing status; Or,
    2. Student is an International student in valid F-1 visa status; AND who has applied for Optional Practical Training (OPT) within 1 month (30 days) of graduation with the Pierce Colleges DSO Officer or SEVIS and Immigration Manager; and, is in pending status or has been approved for OPT and is compliant all OPT related rules and regulations. Students who are not in OPT pending or approved OPT status, are no longer eligible 30 days from day of denial notice.   And;
    3. Student is 18 years of age or will become 18 years of age within their 3 quarter occupancy term; and
    4. Student has not been previously suspended or dismissed from the college under the student code of conduct, dismissed or evicted from CGS or other campus housing program for violations of agreement, or filed unlawful detainer action against me.
  2. If at any time after I have submitted his Agreement I became ineligible under the eligibility criteria states above to reside in CGS, I agree to inform CGS in writing at of my ineligibility within 24 hours of becoming ineligible, and to Check out as described in Section XVII within 72 hours of becoming ineligible, unless I am required to vacate earlier as described in this Agreement.
  3. Student agrees to keep both their local and permanent addresses and phone numbers current through their student portal, and their erezlife account.


  1. If student has been arrested for, with prosecution ongoing, or convicted of a sex offense; or have entered a deferred adjudication agreement relating to a sex offense; or have been or am under active supervision by any state, territory or foreign country related to sex offense; or have been or am required to register as a sex offender, I must notify CGS in writing at at the time this Agreement is submitted and I acknowledge that the College has the discretion to determine whether my application to reside in College Housing should be accepted, and to assign me to the particular Room deemed appropriate by the College.
  2. If after submitting this Agreement and my housing application I am arrested for, convicted of, or found to have committed a sex offense; enter a deferred adjudication agreement relating to or am placed under action supervision by any state, territory or foreign country relating to a sex offense; or am required to register as a sex offender, I will inform CGS of my offense in writing at within 24 hours. I further agree that I will provide CGS with all requested information regarding the event(s) at issue. CGS has the discretion to require that I Check out within 24 hours of said notification unless CGS provides me with written permission to remain in College Housing. Even if I am given written permission to remain in College Housing, CGS retains the ability to change that determination and require I Check out as additional information is obtained.
  3. I will provide the college with any information it requests related to my offense(s) in order for the College to make a determination of my eligibility to reside in College Housing based on the best interests of the College.


  1. As a condition of residing in CGS, student agrees not to violate any laws and to respect the rights, privileges and property of other students, guests and tenants of CGS, as well as all staff and visitors. While living at CGS, student agrees to abide by Pierce College’s Housing Community Standards, which are available in erezlife and incorporated as part of this agreement by this reference and which may be amended from time to time during the occupancy term.
  2. Student is subject to the Pierce College Student Code of Conduct and is responsible for the conduct of their guests. Should a student or their guest fail to comply with CGS community standards or the Student Code of Conduct, the college may declare the student to be in violation of their agreement and may require the student to vacate from CGS, and/or subject to disciplinary action and/or other action.
  3. Student acknowledges that the college is responsible for the management, maintenance, or repairs to CGS. If student believes repairs or other maintenance is needed in their room or a common area, student agrees to inform the college by submitting a work order through their erezlife portal or by contacting housing staff for emergent issues.


  1. At the time of check in, student shall inspect the overall condition of the assigned room and complete and submit Room Condition Report “RCR” in erezlife within one week of check-in. Any damage or missing items not declared on the RCR will be the student’s responsibility and will be charged when they check out/vacate the facility.
  2. Student agrees not to paint, alter, repair, remodel, improve or otherwise change the unit or any part of CGS premises. Student will not install anything on the walls, ceilings, or in the windows; including, but not limited to satellite dishes or antennas. The Student agrees to not remove, alter, or otherwise change any appliances, furniture or other furnishings provided by CGS. Student will not remove any object that is attached to the structure of CGS.
  3. Student agrees not to remove, replace, tamper or make changes to/with the heating system, appliances, locks, doors, light fixtures, cable or modem equipment, services, or smoke alarms.
  4. Student must report missing, lost, or stolen key card, physical keys, and/or mail key to CGS staff. If after 72 hours, keys are not located, any affected locks will be changed at the student’s expense, and student may be assessed a Key and Lock Replacement charge of up to $250 to secure my room, plus key charge of $50.
  5. If student or guest of student damages any room, common area or CGS Property, student will be responsible for the reasonable cost of repair, replacement, and/or cleaning as determined by CGS management staff. If any damages occur in the common areas and the responsible parties cannot be determined, charges for repair, replacement, and/or cleaning as determined by CGS managerial staff will be divided equally amongst any students present when the damages occurred.
  6. Student agrees to keep their room and common areas clean, orderly and properly maintained and in good working condition at all times. Garbage and recyclable will be placed in designated collection bins and sites. Student agrees to comply with a health and sanitation inspection with a 48 hour notice at least once per quarter or as needed, unless health or safety emergency is presumed. Student will comply with any housing-prescribed corrective action within 24 hours of being informed of low health, safety, or cleanliness standards.   7. When student vacates (even for a temporary check-out), student agrees to leave the room and all of its contents; including, but not limited to, the furniture, appliances, furnishings, and equipment, as well as the shared spaces and common areas in good working order, except for reasonable wear and tear.


  1. Student understands that submission of application or agreement does not guarantee a housing placement.
  2. Rooms will be assigned based on assignment priority to any available room within CGS regardless of rate including, but no limited to, a triple or quad room.
  3. Student understands that the college will consider roommate preferences in making assignments; however,      Final decisions regarding assignments will be made at the college’s sole discretion.  Pierce College shall have the right to reassign student to another unit at any time for any reason; including, but not limited to, the welfare of residents, a violation of Community Standards, or the Student Code of Conduct; the need to accommodate facility operations, improvements, or repairs to premises; to accommodate students with disabilities; to use available space more efficiently; or to further the best interests of the college and/or its community.
  4. If a placement space is available in the student’s room, although rare, student may be assigned a roommate without prior notification.
  5. If a placement space is available in student’s room, student agrees to keep the available space clean and accessible. If I fail to do so, I will be charged the daily Room rate for both the unavailable space and my assigned space until the space is clean and accessible.
  6. Students may not change or switch to another room without written approval. Student may request room changes through erezlife or by contacting CGS staff. Residence Life Staff will issue an approval or denial. In the event of an approved room change or a room change due to part of a disciplinary process a room change fee of $50 will be assessed to the students account. Student must vacate and move to their new room by the deadline given, or may be charged pro-rata data housing rate for both rooms until the student vacates the originally assigned room.
  7. If student’s original keys are not returned by stated deadline, student will be assessed all key changes outlined in Section 5 number 5.
  8. If student fails to follow the proper move out or room change procedures, I will be charged an Improper Check out charge of $50 in addition to the Room Change Fee.
  9. If student makes a room change without prior approval:
    1. Student will be assessed an Improper Check out charge of $50; and,
    2. Will be charged the daily rate for both rooms; and,
    3. I will be charged a room change fee of $50 if CGS allows my move to become permanent.
  10. Incidental, Activities, Damages, Fees or Other Charges
    1. I may acquire additional charges or fees pertaining to improper check out, activities, damages or fees. Any fees will be placed on student account and must be paid within 7 days of receiving invoice. Notices of any housing fees will be made through invoicing in erezlife.


  1. Pierce College shall have the right to authorize college staff to enter the student’s room, during regular business hours, to make repairs requested by the student or student’s roommate(s), to perform maintenance, make alterations or improvements, and/or to inspect safety equipment, such as fire alarms.
  2. Pierce College shall have the right to authorize college staff to enter student’s room as deemed necessary in emergent situations to ensure the safety and well-being of the student, students roommate(s) or the guests of said residents.
  3. The college shall have the right to enter the student’s room for inspections to conduct health, safety and cleanliness checks.
  4. Except in emergencies or when impractical, the college will give the student 48 hours’ notice of the intent to enter the student’s room and will only enter at reasonable times.
  5. The student understands that there is no expectation of privacy in common areas and the college staff, law enforcement, emergency services, and/or college designee may enter these areas to enforce Community Standards, Student Code of Conduct and other policies.
  6. If a student is locked out of their room and a college official or designee is required to open the room, there will not be a charge for the first occurrence. However, the student may be charged a $15 fee each subsequent time.
  7. College officials, staff, or custodial designees will routinely enter common areas including bathrooms in order to clean.


  1. Pierce College does not have any responsibility or provide any compensation for any injury to student or student’s guest, or for loss or damage to student’s property or that of any guest, except to the extent caused by the college’s negligence. The college recommends that student carry appropriate insurance against injury, loss or damage as well as to cover student’s liability.
  2. Student recognizes that the college does not promise, warrant, or guarantee the safety or security of the student or their guests or property of said parties against the actions of other students or third parties.
  3. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as being intended to protect any person or class of persons from injury or harm.
  4. Student agrees that if there is loss of or damage to students’ property or that of any guest beyond the college’s control, including, but not limited to: natural disasters, acts of God, fire, earthquake, utility malfunction, quarantine, or other emergency or force majeure event, the college shall have no liability to me or my guests for reimbursement, damages, inconvenience, annoyance, or compensation of any kind. The college may attempt to find, but cannot guarantee, alternate spaces for student. If the unavailability of or access to the students room or to an alternate space persists for 72 hours, the student may terminate this agreement without penalty, provided that the student is responsible for all financial obligations incurred up to the date of termination. The college agrees to provide the student with a pro-rata refund, calculated from the date of such termination to the end of the occupancy term, of any prepaid housing payment made to the college, if any, minus any damage, replacement, cleaning or other charges assessed by the college pursuant to this agreement.
  5. Students shall keep the doors to the assigned unit and the residence hall locked at all times.


  1. Student agrees to pay the specified amount to the college for the occupancy term and the room type to which the student is assigned. Room costs include: use of room furnishings, use of common areas, electricity, internet access, water, sewer, and garbage services. A temporary failure in utility service is not a breach of this Agreement. Not included are meals, incidentals, bedding, decorations, or laundry.
  Single Room Double Room Triple Room Quad Room
Summer Quarter Agreement 2020 $1,890 USD $1,575 USD $1,260 USD $1,135 USD
Three-Quarter Agreement 2020–2021 $2,600 USD per quarter
$7,800 USD for the academic year
$2,100 USD per quarter
$6,300 USD for the academic year
$1,700 USD per quarter
$5,100 USD for the academic year
$1,500 USD per quarter
$4,500 USD for the academic year
Winter Break (Dec. 10–28) $405 USD $330 USD $260 USD $235 USD
  1. Payment Dates: Payments for housing are due on the same schedule as payment for tuition. The full balance of quarterly housing charges will be applied to the students account prior to the start of the quarter, and any credit balance on students account after payment of tuition and fees will be applied to students housing charges.
  2. During occupancy period, student agrees that any cost incurred by the student under this agreement, for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged or missing property, and any extra cleaning charges attributable to student, may also be assessed to the student’s account. Student agrees to pay such a balance within five (5) days of receipt of an invoice from the college.
  3. Payment Plans: Student understands and acknowledges that if students financial aid does not cover the housing payments, student is still responsible for paying the remaining amounts due by the quarterly tuition due dates; however, a payment plan may be arranged with Pierce College by contacting the Cashiering office through Students on a payment plan will be charged a $25.00 non-refundable fee added to their balance. The payment plan will be split into 3 quarterly payments. 1st payment will be due upon set up of payment plan, the second and third payments will be due at a designated due date at the end of the second and third months. Students who make a late payment on a payment plan will be charged a $30 late fee to their student account.
  4. Payments may be made in the following manner:
    • With a credit/debit card using the housing payment link provided at the bottom of student housing invoice; or,
    • In person with cash, check, or credit/debit card at any Pierce College campus cashier counter.
    • By wire transfer:
      • Put my name & student id in the comments for the wire; and, include an additional $18 incoming wire fee and any outgoing wire fees your financial institution charges
      • Account Name: Pierce College
        Bank Name: Key Bank (Lakewood Branch)
        Account Number: #05609201
        ABA Number: 125000574
        Swift Code: KEYBUS33
  5. Any late payment received will receive a late payment charge of $30 for each late occurrence.
  6. Students understand that if they have any questions about payment, housing charges, or know that payment will be late their need to contact BOTH CGS staff AND Pierce College cashiers office before the account becomes delinquent.
  7. Failure to pay any housing costs, fees, or  charges after check in as required by this agreement may result in and/or result in further action taken against student such as:
    1. The college declaring me in breach of and termination of agreement and will cancel the placement.
    2. Denying future applications for CGS or other campus housing programs; and
    3. Holds placed on future college registration, transfer of credits, transcripts, and graduation; and,
    4. Assessing collection agency charges, legal fees, storage and/or moving costs; and,
    5. Obtaining a legal judgement against me for any balance due.
  8. Students who wish to dispute any housing charges posted to their student account, must request an exemption within 30 days of the invoice date/charge being posted to the account. Students can request exemption by contacting CGS staff at residencelife@pierce.ctce.du. Exemption requests submitted more than 30 days after invoice date/date of posting will not be considered and full payment will be required.
  9. After check out, all housing fees and charges are due immediately.


The duration of this Agreement and the housing charges contained within this Agreement are from the period of 9am on September 10, 2020, through 6pm on June 19, 2021.

  1. Check In: Check-In dates and times for each quarter covered by this Agreement are:
    Fall Quarter New Student & Athletes September 9 & 10, 2020 between 10 am – 6 pm *or by appt
    Fall Quarter Returning Students Sept 9 at 10 am – Sept. 17 at 6 pm
    Winter Quarter New Students December 28, 2020 between 10 am – 6 pm *or by appt
    Winter Quarter Returning Students Dec. 28 at 10 am – Jan. 3 at 6 pm
    Spring Quarter New Students March 29, 2021 between 10 am – 6 pm *or by appt
    Spring Quarter Returning Students March 29, 2021 at 10 am – April 4 by 6 pm
    Winter Break Period (Returning Students Only) *addt’l fee applies Dec. 10, 2020 at 6 pm – Dec. 28, 2020 at 10 am
    1. Any request to Check in after 12 noon on the first day of instruction must be submitted to CGS at
    2. If I am assigned to a Room after the Agreement Period begins, my Agreement will begin on my assigned Check-In date will be provided with my assignment information.
  2. Early Arrival Housing
    1. Early Arrival Housing may be considered on a case-by-case basis with special permission granted through the Resident Management Team. Please email all requests to
    2. Any dates approved are subject to a short term daily rate of $30/night until the regular contract period is initiated.
  3. Break Periods
    1. Student may not stay in my Room or have access to the my Room and CGS during Winter Break from 6pm on December 10, 2020 until 10 am on December 28, 2020 unless student submits a separate Contract Addendum and pay the Winter Break fee of listed on the chart above at least one week before the first day of Winter Break. Student may leave my personal belongings in my Room during the Winter Break as long as they are assigned to the same Room during the Winter Quarter 2020, but room keys/access to the building will end at 6 pm on December 10, 2020.
    2. Student may stay in my Room during Spring Break unless they intend to terminate their CGS Agreement for Spring Quarter 2021, in which case student must Check out by 6pm on March 24, 2021, as described by the Cancellation section listed below.
    3. May be subject to daily charges if student moves out during Winter Break or Spring Break.


  1. Student may cancel housing application and Agreement before Check in, but may be subject to fees and/or charges based on the chart below.
  2. Student must request cancellation by sending an email to or completing a Termination of Contract/Move out form in erezlife.
  3. Cancellation charges will be assessed for circumstances including, but not limited to, a chance of student status at the college, being assigned a room that does not meet preferences, or finding different housing accommodations.
  4. Cancellation & Early Termination Deadlines and charges:
On or before August 9, 2020 $0
August 9 – September 9, 2020 $750
On or after September 9, 2020 $750 + full Fall Quarter charges
On or before Oct. 29, 2020 $0
Oct. 30, 2020 – December 27, 2020 for New Students $750
Oct. 30 – December 10, 2020 for Returning Students $750
On or after December 28, 2020 $750 + full Winter Quarter charges
On or before February 22, 2021 $0
February 22-March 23, 2021 for New Students $750
February 22-March 24, 2021 for Returning Students $750
On or after March 24, 2021 $750 + Spring Quarter charges
  1. Student may not be charged cancellation fees if:
    1. Student submits cancellation within 1 week (7 days) of completing their housing agreement; or
    2. Student notifies campus housing at 21 days prior to assigned move in date that student declines their offer of admission or is transferring to another institution; or students offer is rescinded by the college; or, student has received military orders for entry in to the service, a permanent change of station, or deployment with at least 90 days. Student must provide copies of such military orders at
  2. If student Cancels, initial housing application, reapply, and Cancel again, student will be assessed Cancellation charges based on the latest Cancellation date.
  3. If student does not submit a request to cancel their agreement, and does not check in to their room by 12 pm noon on the first day of College instruction of the applicable academic quarter, or within 48 hours of their agreed upon check in date:
    1. Student Housing will cancel the agreement and reassign student’s room; and,
    2. Student will be charged $750 cancellation charge; and,
    3. Student will be responsible for paying the FULL room charges for the current quarter.
  4. If student wishes to cancel this agreement and has a balance due, student will pay the balance immediately.
  5. Exceptions to the early termination are considered when the student provides documentation that establishes one or more of the following events:
    1. Student has withdrawn from the college or has been dismissed.
    2. Student has completed their academic program or is graduating
    3. Student is transferring to another campus or institution
    4. Student is participating in college study abroad for credit for the next academic quarter.
    5. Student is participating in an internship that is located 20 or more miles away
    6. Student has sought and received an approved accommodation from ADS that cannot be reasonably accommodated in CGS.
    7. Student Is being deployed or assigned for service in the armed forces, National Guard or reserves.
    8. Student has been denied for OPT and/or is no longer in compliance with OPT requirements.
  6. In the instances of withdrawal or dismissal, student will not be charged an early termination fee or any future quarterly occupancy charges, if student submits documentation with their housing termination form within 7 days of their check out date to Occupancy charges will be prorated as of student’s actual check out date, provided that the date is more than 20 days before the quarterly check out date.
  7. In the instances of a qualifying event (not a withdrawal dismissal); student will not be charged a termination fee or future quarterly occupancy charges student will not be charged an early termination fee or any future quarterly occupancy charges, if student submits documentation with their housing termination form within 7 days of their check out date to Occupancy charges will be prorated as of student’s actual check out date, AND provided that the date is more than 20 days before the quarterly check out date.
  8. For all qualifying events of early termination, AND within less than 20 days before the quarterly check out date, student will be charged the early termination fee equivalent to pro-rata occupancy charges with an effective date of 20 days after the date of their submission of cancellation paperwork. The occupancy charges would remain. If student does not check out by the quarterly deadline, student will continue to be responsible for the full amount of the quarter’s occupancy charges.
  9. Quarterly Checkout dates:
    Fall Quarter ALL Students;
    unless Winter Break Contract Addendum applies
    December 10, 2020 by 6 pm (or by appt)
    Winter Quarter March 24, 2021 by 6 pm (or by appt)
    Spring Quarter June 19, 2021 by 6 pm (or by appt)

    CGS Will remain closed between August 24, 2020 at 6 pm –Sept 9, 2020 at 10 am


  1. The college may declare the student in breach of and/or terminate this agreement and require that the student    Vacate CGS immediately, if student fails to abide by or fulfill any term of this agreement, including but not limited to, violating the community standards, failing to meet the eligibility criteria, or violating the Student Code of Conduct.
  2. If Campus housing terminates student’s agreement for breach prior to the end of the agreement period or should the student be suspended or dismissed from the college as an outcome of a student conduct proceeding:
    1. Student’s Agreement will be terminated for the current quarter and future quarters;
    2. Student will be responsible for paying the current quarter’s housing charges in addition to all early termination charge
    3. Student will not receive a prorated refund of any of the quarter’s housing charges.
  3. Any decision of the college to not declare student in breach of this agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of any future breach or default. And decision of the college to not declare student in student in breach of agreement or any other waiver on the part of the college shall not be believed to be a modification of the terms of this agreement unless stated to be such in writing and signed by the college.


  1. Upon the termination of this agreement, or the expiration of the occupancy term, whichever is first, student shall promptly vacate unit and shall follow all requirements in this section, including but not limited to: cleaning student’s room, removing all of their personal belongings; inspection of room, assigned and shared spaces; completing a move out inspection and timely turning in of keys.
  2. Student agrees to thoroughly clean room; including, but not limited to, student’s bedroom, common areas, appliances and the furniture. Student agrees to dispose of waste, garbage, and recycling relating to the move-out process. If student does not adequately clean room or assigned spaces, student may be assessed additional fees based on the college’s costs.
  3. Student shall contact residence life to arrange for a room inspection prior to vacating. At the time of vacate, student shall have the assigned unit inspected by a residence life staff member, complete a move out checklist, and turn in keys. If student fails to arrange a unit inspection, student may be assessed an Improper move out fee of $50, an approximation of administrative costs.
  4. If student fails to remove all of their personal belongings, the college may consider the items abandoned, and may either sell or dispose of them or pack and store them at the student’s expense. Student recognizes and agrees that the college will not be responsible for damage or loss of students belongs during packing and storage. Student will be responsible for an additional payment of an amount equal to costs for removal of abandoned property.
  5. If student’s housing is not paid in full by the time student vacates, student understands and agrees that the student may not be able to register at Pierce College (all campuses), transfer credits, receive transcripts or graduate until the outstanding balance is paid in full. The college reserves the right to assess and recover collection agency fees in accordance with RCW 19.16.500, which may be based on a percentage of the debt due, at a maximum of forty (40) percent, in addition to the recovery of any outstanding balance, plus attorney’s fees, court costs, and any moving and storage fees.


  1. The provisions of this contract are intended to be severable. If any terms or condition is determined to be invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall continue to be valid and enforceable.
  2. The agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Washington State. The parties agree that any legal action related in any way to this agreement shall be brought exclusively in Lakewood, Pierce County, Washington.

This agreement constitutes the agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior oral or written agreements, commitments, or understandings concerning the matters provided for herein. No amendment shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed by the parties. 

CGS Appendix A – Community Standards

The 3 Core Themes of CGS are used as guiding pillars to all interactions at CGS; including, interaction with one another, this space, the activities, staff members, and the greater campus community.

  • Contribution: Bringing about results & helping to advance one another
  • Community: Living together to practice common ownership
  • Consideration: Careful thought and sensitivity towards others

As such, all students, guests and staff at CGS have the rights, responsibilities, and opportunity to:

  1. Live, study, and socialize at CGS while maintaining health and safety.
  2. Report incidents and concerns to CGS staff members without fear of retaliation.
  3. Receive due process in investigation and ruling of policy violations, as outlined in the Resident Handbook and Student Code of Conduct.
  4. Learn in an environment free from discrimination, inappropriate and disrespectful conduct, and any and all harassment, including sexual harassment.
  5. Regulating my own behavior and providing an environment that is respectful and courteous of others and will refrain from any conduct that violates Pierce College’s Student Code of Conduct or that would otherwise interfere with CGS operations or the health and safety of others.
  6. Follow all local, county, state and federal laws. And, will prevent the unauthorized use or access to CGS or any service (access cards, etc).
  7. Comply with the directions of CGS staff and college officials as they perform their duties.
  8. Be honest in all interactions and not provide any false information or withhold information from CGS or Pierce College official acting in the course of their duties.
  9. Provide college ID or identification to CGS and campus officials if requested.
  10. Be considerate of others, their space, study time, and boundaries as outlined in the Resident Handbook.
  11. Seek consent from others before using their items, entering their room, and/or personal space.
  12. Refrain from all alcohol, drug (including marijuana), and other illegal substances and using or keeping any weapons as outlined in the Resident Handbook
  13. Follow all additional regulations outlined in the Resident Handbook.