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It is the mission of the Pierce College Library to be a dynamic, high-quality teaching library through active and effective participation in the instructional and community service processes of Pierce College. The library will fulfill this mission by:

  • Employing professionally qualified librarians who are active educators and faculty members.
  • Providing maximum access to information resources and services that support and augment the classroom experience and that foster academic excellence through the freedom of inquiry.
  • Encouraging and facilitating intellectual independence and lifelong learning through instructional programs and services that emphasize information competency and complement classroom instruction.
  • Providing distinctive programs and services designed to meet the intellectual and cultural needs of an information-based society.
  • Providing an atmosphere and environment that supports the use of information in learning and study.
  • Utilizing available and emerging technologies that support and enhance instruction and information retrieval.

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Carrying Out Our Mission

To carry out its mission, the library has set the following goals:

  • To support the curricular and other information needs of the College by selecting, acquiring, organizing, producing, preserving and circulating a collection of materials in a variety of formats, as well as equipment necessary for their use.
  • To interpret the collection to all users, to assist them in the utilization of the library as well as other electronically available databases, to provide referral to additional information sources, and to supply individualized assistance in using instructional materials.
  • To provide comprehensive information competency instruction that is integrated with the curriculum, enabling all users to locate, evaluate, organize and utilize information.
  • To improve services through regular evaluation of the collection, programs and facilities in light of applicable standards.
  • To provide comfortable, barrier-free facilities that afford maximum access to resources, and to encourage their use in an atmosphere conducive to academic study.
  • To support the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association and other principles and ideals of intellectual freedom.
  • To encourage excellence and innovation in library staff through personal and professional growth opportunities.
  • To develop and maintain an audio-visual services program that enhances the instructional effectiveness of the faculty through the use of materials and technology.
  • To assist in the development of local and inter-institutional information networks.
  • To develop library services that are consistent with College program objectives by maintaining close and purposeful working relationships with all constituencies.
  • To stimulate intellectual activity and cultural awareness through programming, displays, etc.
  • To share resources, services and ideas with all areas of the College, as well as with professional, public and private organizations and institutions in the community.
  • To promote the use and services of library/media.
  • To enhance the quality and reputation of the College through library teaching, resources, services and community relations.
  • To maintain effective administrative planning and operation, in accordance with established principles of library management and with College policy.