Students walking from the Rainier Building

Identity, Culture and Inclusion Leadership Certificate

The Identity, Culture, and Inclusion Leadership Certificate (ICI) program empowers students to develop multicultural leadership skills through engagement with up-to-date social justice concepts and community. Students earn 25 hours of diversity training through interactive workshops, group dialogue and personal reflection.

Benefits include:

  • Development of leadership skills with multicultural awareness
  • Exposure to diverse dynamic local leaders and their inspiring stories
  • Self-paced and accessible session options
  • Obtain a Pierce College Leadership Certificate to add to your resume/portfolio
  • Build strong connections with peers and the campus community

Interested in signing up?

ICI is FREE and open to all students currently enrolled at Pierce College.

Why students are saying they want to be involved:

"To gain a better understanding of my own social identity and how to use my multiracial background to bridge social groups."

"I hope to gain leadership skills that I can use for the rest of my life."

"To become more culturally aware of other cultures and learn more about social justice."

"To gain more ideas and skills about how to approach people on diversity."

"I want to achieve something more than my degree before I finish Pierce."