June 9, 2017 6:10 pm

The Pierce College community gathered in the Gaspard Administration Building on June 9 to celebrate the unveiling of the Pierce College Puyallup time capsule, which was installed 25 years ago. The time capsule was placed behind a plaque in the doorway of the Gaspard Administration Building in 1992, not long after the building opened in 1990.

The time capsule included a variety of Items, such as copies of Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, People, Life, the News Tribune, as well as copies of the only student newspaper on campus at the time, The Pioneer. The capsule also included aerial photos of the Puyallup campus, as well as the South Hill Mall and Puyallup Fair. Also included in the time capsule were the scissors that were used to cut the ribbon during the groundbreaking of the Puyallup campus, along with a video of the celebration.

The new time capsule, set to be installed later this year and opened in 2067, will feature a variety of items such as fact sheets about local and national recognition the college has received in the past several years. A recent Time Magazine article about the importance of community college will also be included, which mentions Pierce College as an example of an especially innovative institution.

Some other items to be included in the 50 year time capsule include a Starbucks cup, iPhone, compact disc, flash drive, a copy of this year’s Student Literary Arts Magazine (SLAM), and a list of student predictions on what life will be like 50 years from now.

Stay tuned for more information about when the 50 year time capsule will be installed!