September 29, 2017 2:46 pm

Do you have expertise in your field and a desire to share your knowledge with others? Pierce College’s Community and Continuing Education wants to hear from you! The department offers a wide variety of non-credit courses for personal enrichment, providing the community with an opportunity to learn new skills.

Instructors for personal enrichment courses are not required to have a degree in their field of interest, but they should have working knowledge of their proposed topic, and a desire to share it with others.

The department is particularly in need of instructors with expertise in a variety of fun topics such as food truck management, DIY projects, healthy eating, easy meal prep using fresh ingredients, babysitting skills, and even topics such as UFOs, sasquatch or ghost hunting. The possibilities are endless. If you have an idea for a new non-credit personal enrichment class, please call (253) 840-8451 or email Tracy Clark at For a complete list of Community and Continuing Education courses, please visit the department web page.