Feb 03, 2021 4:17 pm

Pierce College Puyallup’s Gaspard Administration Building will soon receive improvements that will expand and accommodate staff and students’ needs, creating a welcoming space for all.

Thanks to minor works funding – money that is set aside for improvement projects such as this ­– the Student Success Center will soon feature a welcome desk, flexible workspaces with enhanced privacy, new meeting spaces and more.

“We want students and staff to walk in and feel embraced,” said Pierce College Puyallup President Darrell Cain. “We expect we will be able to have deeper conversations with our students now that our success coaches will have more privacy in their workspaces.”

The current Dean’s Suite will also be modified and used for student services staff, and the deans will move to two classrooms that will be converted into office spaces.

Special efforts were made to design space for the EDI CARES (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: College Access, Retention and Engagement Services) department to maintain a regular presence in Puyallup.

“We’re looking forward to the integration of EDI CARES, because the services they provide are a fundamental part of student services,” said Vice President of Learning and Student Success Matt Campbell. “It will be a delight that everybody in the Student Success Center will soon have the space they need to serve students.”

The project, slated to begin construction in February, is anticipated to finish in June.