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Facing an Uncertain Future?

Unemployed, laid-off, lost your career in this changing economy? The next step is the most difficult. Where to start? How to find the career path that's right for you? How do you find another job?

PierceWorks! can help.

PierceWorks! is a seven-week, comprehensive career transition program that can help students identify a career path, set goals, build confidence, and gain the real-world skills needed to succeed in the job market.

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The program is available only on the Pierce College Puyallup campus. It includes 140 hours of classroom training and assessment, and 50 hours of computer training. Students earn college credits upon completion.

Find the Right Career

PierceWorks! students complete numerous assessments to determine the best career paths based on their individual personalities, values and interests. Students explore numerous careers and learn the steps necessary to pursue the right career for them.

Funding, Eligibility and Requirements

  • Tuition is provided for individuals who are receiving Washington State Unemployment Benefits or have received Washington State Unemployment benefits anytime within the past 48 months.
  • Must be a Washington State Resident (12 months or more).
  • Employment Security has pre-approved this class as an in-person activity.
  • PierceWorks! meets your weekly work search requirement. You may count it as a job search activity for a maximum of seven weeks. While participating in training you meet your job-search requirement by attending at least three days of class during the week you claim benefits.
  • Each day that you attend, report the PierceWorks! class on your job-search log under "WorkSource Activity."

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