students in PierceWorks! class working on computers

Facing an Uncertain Future?

Unemployed, laid-off, lost your career in this changing economy? The next step is the most difficult. Where to start? How to find the career path that's right for you? How do you find another job?

PierceWorks! can help.

PierceWorks! is a one-quarter career transitional program designed for those who have been in the workforce and have received unemployment benefits anytime within the past 48 months. This class is pre-approved by Employment Security as an in-person activity while collecting benefits and meets your weekly work search requirement for the length of the class. The maximum number of weeks you can count this class as a job search activity is 10 weeks (7 weeks summer quarter).

Here’s how it works: while participating in training you meet your job-search requirement by attending at least three days of class during the week you claim benefits.

Assess your interests, aptitudes and skills. Match your interests and personality to a potential career.

Human Development

  • Career exploration
  • Career planning
  • Life skills/networking and developing your 30-second elevator speech
  • Job search strategies
  • Team building and development
  • Classes are Monday through Thursday

BTECA Computer Courses

  • Introduction to personal computers and keyboarding
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Computers are presented in a lab setting, in a self-paced atmosphere, with instructional help available
  • Lab hours are Tuesday and Thursday

College Success 110

  • Prepares students to navigate the college system and enhance opportunities for success
  • Emphasizes college success strategies, self-assessment, goal setting, career exploration, effective study habits, campus resources, and efficient use of online tools for learning, educational planning and enrollment
  • Classes are Monday and Wednesday