Scholarship Committee Policy

The basis for establishing a Pierce College Scholarship Committee reflects the college's intent to ensure that consistent and equitable processes are applied to all scholarship requests when selecting scholarship recipients. In the best interest of the college, all scholarship funds that are donated to the college, where we choose the recipients, will be managed by the Pierce College Foundation. Additionally, the Scholarship Committee will review all application formats and ensure that they reflect the criteria defined by the donor.

Some scholarships are related to specific departments or programs where special expertise is needed to choose the recipient. In those cases, the committee will either invite members of the department to join the committee for deliberations, or ask the department to deliberate and send its results to the committee for affirmation. Any individual or group granted permission to choose the recipient shall abide by the guidelines established by the college committee.

The district chancellor or his/her designee will be responsible for developing procedures to meet the intent of this policy.


Revised 1995-06-14