Parent Access to Records

As employees of Pierce College, we are bound by FERPA privacy regulations. FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, a federal law regulating the privacy of student education records and the obligation of Pierce College to protect the privacy of its students.

Final grades are reported to the student’s designated high school in which they are enrolled the week following the end of each quarter. At that time, parents may access their school district’s parent web access system online to view their student's grades.

In addition, we do not keep record of student absences. If for some reason a student must be absent from class, it is imperative for the student to contact the instructor(s) as soon as possible to review missed work. Communication is key. In the absence of communication, the instructor has no way to know for what reason the student missed class. However, attendance policies are set by each instructor and therefore must be adhered to so as not to negatively impact student grades. Students may look up their instructor’s contact info on their syllabus or on the Pierce College Directory.