Interested in Running Start at Pierce College?
Sign up for a Running Start Registration Workshop

In the Registration Workshop, students will learn how to:

  • Set up their Pierce College student email
  • Plan a schedule
  • Register for classes required for high school graduation (using online registration from their own computer at home)
  • Differences between classroom and online instruction
  • Pay quarterly student fees and any applicable course fees
  • Register for mandatory Running Start New Student Orientation (to be held closer to the start of the quarter
  • How to purchase/rent textbooks

Due to limited space, the workshop is designed for students only. Parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend the mandatory Running Start New Student Orientation to be held before the quarter starts. Bring completed and signed Running Start Enrollment Verification Form and placement scores to Registration Workshop.

Details and How to Register

New student registration starts March 3rd for spring quarter, and May 27th for summer and fall quarters.

In order to register for classes, ALL new Running Start students must first attend a Registration Workshop.

You’re ready to sign-up for a Registration Workshop if you’ve completed these steps:

  1. Completed the placement assessment at Pierce College Testing Center ($15)
    Eligibility for Running Start based on placement scores and grade level
  2. Applied for Pierce College Admissions ($25)
    Students receive a welcome letter via e-mail, which includes student ID number (SID)
    Student must have a Pierce College student ID number to register for a workshop
  3. Met with high school counselor (public and private school students)
    Home school students meet with public high school counselor or school district official contact as noted on Pierce College Running Start website
  4. Obtained an Enrollment Verification Form (EVF)
    Top section: Student must complete top portion to include Pierce College Student ID number.
    Middle section: High school counselor or school district official will complete middle section and sign form; public high school counselor will note what classes student should enroll in.
    Bottom section: After reading expectations, parent/guardian signature is REQUIRED at bottom of form (regardless of student’s age); student will also sign form.
    Bring completed and signed EVF and placement scores to registration workshop.

Registration Workshops are offered roughly one month before registration opens (check with the Running Start Advisor at your preferred campus).

Register online to reserve your spot in a Running Start Registration Workshop at the campus student will be attending.

For best course availability, it is recommended that students register for classes as close to the start of registration as possible.

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