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Important Dates – Fall 2019

Last day registered in class from a waitlist September 18
Classes begin September 23
Last day to withdraw November 13
Last day of instruction December 6
Finals December 9–11

Refunds – Fall 2019

100% refund ends September 27
50% refund ends October 11

For classes that do not follow the regular college quarterly calendar (e.g., Washington Online, short term, early or late start classes) refunds are given on a timetable proportionate to the standard length of the quarter. See Refund Notes for additional information.

Important Dates – Winter 2020

Last day to add a class to a waitlist December 23
Last day registered in class from a waitlist December 27
Classes begin January 6
Last day to withdraw February 24
Last day of instruction March 19

Refunds – Winter 2020

100% refund ends January 10
50% refund ends January 24

For classes that do not follow the regular college quarterly calendar (e.g., Washington Online, short term, early or late start classes) refunds are given on a timetable proportionate to the standard length of the quarter. See Refund Notes for additional information.

Step 1: Admissions


Pierce College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, perceived or actual physical or mental disability, pregnancy, genetic information, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, creed, religion, honorably discharged veteran or military status, or use of a trained guide dog or service animal in its programs and activities.

How to Apply

You can apply online.

Students who are 16 or 17 years of age who do not meet the minimum admissions standards must submit a High School Release form before enrolling.

What happens next?

Once your admissions form is processed, we'll send you a packet of information to help you get started, including a Student Identification Number (SID) for your use in registering for classes and accessing a variety of our online services. Also information on assessment, advising and registration will be sent.

Step 2: Money for College

Fort Steilacoom: 253-964-6544; Puyallup: 253-840-8398; Financial Aid web page

All students needing assistance are encouraged to apply. A complete set of application materials, procedures and policies regarding financial aid is available at the financial aid office.

Applying for financial aid takes time. Because tuition and fees are due at the time of registration, it's important to plan early regarding how you will pay for college. You should start the application process at least ten weeks before classes begin for the quarter you plan to attend.

Financial aid applications are processed throughout the year. Check the Financial Aid web page for priority processing dates for each quarter. If you file your application late, you should plan to pay your own tuition for the first quarter you attend, but you may be eligible for a partial reimbursement when the review of your application is completed. Students receiving financial aid are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Financial Assistance That Isn't Always Need-Based

A Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) is designed to give you flexibility in paying your tuition and is available through the Cashiers Office. There is a $25 nonrefundable enrollment fee. In addition, more than 100 scholarships are available based on family income, academic, athletic or artistic ability, involvement on campus or in the community and vocational goals. Scholarship information is available online or in the financial aid office, your academic department, from the Pierce College Foundation.

Step 3: Assessment

Fort Steilacoom: 253-964-6521; Puyallup: 253-840-8343; Testing web page

Assessment is required for students who are taking English or math classes, or more than five credits. The placement assessment is designed to help determine current skill levels to ensure appropriate placement and your success in college classes. Call to make an appointment.

Step 4: New Student Advising

We understand college can be scary, especially for new students. We're here to help. At both Pierce College campuses, you'll find helpful, friendly staff that can help you choose your classes, chart your education or career path, and assist you through the registration process.

Visit the New Student Advising page for detailed information.

Step 5: Registration and Payment Information

Fort Steilacoom: 253-964-6615 FAX: 253-964-6427; Puyallup: 253-840-8400 FAX: 253-840-8449; Tuition web page

When do I register?

Current students register first, then former students and new students. Former and new students will receive information by email.

We are pleased to offer Priority Registration to eligible veterans (and spouses receiving veteran education benefits). For information, please contact the Veterans Services at the Fort Steilacoom campus by calling 253-964-6505 or at the Puyallup campus call 253-864-3194. Upon verification of your eligibility, your priority date and time will be assigned.

How do I register?

You may register online from home or from on-campus computers and kiosks. You may also register in person at Fort Steilacoom or Puyallup.

You must register in person for classes in ABE, ESL, GED and high school completion.

Am I a full-time student?

You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits in a given quarter to be considered a full-time student for enrollment purposes. The definition of a "full-time student" may vary for outside agencies. You are responsible for knowing the enrollment status requirements of any sponsoring agencies.

How much do I pay and how?

If you are unable to pay for your tuition or you do not plan to attend, please officially drop your classes. If you don't drop, you may be billed for the amount due.

You may pay using check, cash, credit card, or apply for the Tuition Installment Plan. If an agency or scholarship is paying your tuition, your payment authorization must be on file at Pierce College to complete registration. You can pay online at MyPierce.

Online payment can take up to three days to receive and post to a student's account. To ensure payment deadlines are met, make online payments at least three days in advance.

You can use the tuition calculator to determine your tuition costs, or see the full tuition chart.

Tuition for Refugees, Active Duty Military and Washington National Guard and Dependents

Refugees, Active Duty Military and Washington National Guard and dependents who live in Washington may pay resident tuition rates. To receive this tuition rate, active duty military/Washington National Guard and dependents need to provide documentation at the registration office within 30 calendar days from the start of the quarter.

Residency/Citizenship Status

Individuals who are not permanent residents or U.S. citizens MAY qualify for resident tuition if they have or will have graduated from a Washington State high school or, while living in Washington, have received the equivalent of a high school diploma. Additional criteria are required. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information. All documentation required for a review of residency/citizenship status for tuition paying purposes must be submitted to the admissions office at the college you are attending within 30 calendar days from the start of the quarter. Paperwork submitted after the 30 days is reviewed for the next quarter. Additional tuition guidelines are available here.

Tuition Waivers

Tuition waivers for state-funded classes are available for certain groups.

For information, call 253-964-6615 (FS) or 253-840-8400 (PY).


Student-approved fees covering expenses such as parking, transcripts, graduation, technology and health education center building costs are included in the tuition you pay. A list of these fees is available here, or at your campus registration office. Additional fees are required for some classes. See class listings.

Registration Blocks

It is important that all prior college financial obligations are paid prior to registration. You will not be permitted to register or withdraw if a block is on your student record.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds for Credit Classes

To be eligible for a withdrawal refund, go to MyPierce or complete a Schedule Change Form from the Forms page and submit it to the registration office.

See the top of this page for refund dates for this quarter. Contact registration for refund dates for shorter session classes.

Refund Notes:

  • Class, Comprehensive, Technology and Building Fees: These fees are refunded, according to the above schedule.
  • Canceled Classes: The College will give a full refund if a class is canceled. To receive the refund, drop online or complete a Schedule Change Form from the Forms page and return it to registration.
  • Financial Aid Students: A federally mandated refund policy is applied to Pierce College students who receive federal financial aid. This policy applies to students who withdraw or cease attending all their classes. Students may have to repay tuition due to Pierce College based on the refund of their financial aid. Further information and examples are available in the Financial Aid Office.
  • Classes with Unusual Schedules: For classes that don't follow the regular college calendar (e.g., WAOL, short term, early or late start classes), refunds are made on a proportional basis to the standard length of the quarter.
  • Receiving a Refund: Refunds are issued by check and mailed to you except for financial aid or agency refunds.
  • Exceptions: The Registrar or designee may grant exceptions to the refund policy. Exceptions may be made for medical emergencies or military duty assignments. Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing with detailed supporting documentation.
  • Debts to the College: If you have an outstanding debt to the college, the college may offset the outstanding debt against any refunds due to you.

How many credits can I take?

For fall, winter and spring quarters, the limit is 22 credits; for summer, the limit is 18. Credit loads may exceed the maximum with approval from your advisor. All approvals for a credit overload must be annotated on your registration form and bear the signature of your advisor, director of advising, or dean.

Can I change my schedule?

Yes, by the deadlines designated in the Academic Calendar.

  • To Add or Drop a Class: Go to MyPierce or complete a Schedule Change Form from the Forms page and return it to the registration office. To add a class that's full, instructor signature is required.
  • Before You Withdraw: If you receive financial aid, veterans' benefits, or other tuition assistance, you should consult with that office before withdrawing. Withdrawing may cause repayment and/or affect future eligibility.
  • Make It Official: To officially withdraw from class(es), go online or complete and return a Schedule Change Form to the registration office by the last day to withdraw. If you stop attending a class without doing this, a failing grade may appear on your transcript. If an emergency occurs and you are unable to come to the college, phone-in or faxed withdrawals will be accepted. You are responsible for verifying the withdrawal occurred.

Can I audit a class?

Most classes at Pierce College may be audited. This means you attend the class regularly but don't need to take exams and won't receive college credit. You will need to register and pay for the class. You may change from credit to audit or audit to credit through the last day to add (see dates above) with the instructor's signature.

Administrative Withdrawal

Unmet Prerequisites

Pierce College reserves the right to administratively withdraw a student from any class for which they have not successfully fulfilled the prerequisite requirement. Students who met prerequisites at other institutions are required to provide documentation to an advisor or faculty to verify successful completion and access for enrollment. Students enrolled in a prerequisite class are allowed to register in the next class for the following quarter prior to completion. Students who do not achieve the required prerequisite grade will be withdrawn immediately after grades are posted.


Students registered in classes who fail to attend initial class sessions and fail to make arrangements for excused absences may be subject to instructor initiated withdrawal. If a student does not make prior arrangements, the instructor may report the student as not attending and the student will be dropped from the class.

Students will be notified of the withdrawal through Pierce College student email.

College Policies

Pierce College has a number of policies related to students. You can find all our policies online.