Students gathering in front of the North Entrance of the Cascade Building

TLR – Student Time Sheet


Features Available in TLR

  • View hourly balances
  • Create timesheets and submit to supervisor for approval
  • Supervisors can view balances and approve or reject timesheets
  • Once approved, timesheets are automatically forwarded to Payroll for processing
  • Secure signature authorization process
  • Need help, view the TLR User Guide

Work-Study/Student Employees

Submit a timesheet twice per month for each pay period:

  • 1st Pay Period: 1 - 15, paid on the 25th
  • 2nd Pay Period: 16 - 30(1), paid on the 10th

*Any timesheet submitted late will be paid on the next regularly scheduled pay date. Complete your timesheet EACH day that you work. Set up a reminder in your Outlook Calendar reminding you to submit your timesheet to your supervisor no later than the 15th and again before the last working day of the month.

Check your TLR timesheet status by selecting My Active Timesheets on your home page.

Timesheet Status

  • In Process: You have not submitted your timesheet to your supervisor for approval.
  • Awaiting Supervisor Approval: Timesheet was sent to supervisor. If rejected back, you will receive an e-mail. Make the correction and submit again.
  • Sent to Payroll: It will be paid as submitted. If you need the timesheet rejected, contact Payroll.
  • Processed by Payroll: The timesheet was uploaded. Too late to make corrections. If corrections are required, reference FAQs.