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We’re glad you’re here.

These are the forms that you’ll need to get your club up and running and keep it going over the school year. These forms are meant to be downloaded, filled out digitally, and then emailed to the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations, Rosalie Masterjohn, at She will then pass it on to a Student Organizations Coordinator, who will work with you and to get things going.

Let’s start a club!

Club Handbook 2018–2019

Chartering Your Club

Getting Started

  • Club Registration Packet
    Do you want to start a club at Pierce College Puyallup? You do? That’s awesome! This form is your starting point. Download it, fill it out, and then submit via email. We’ll contact you and get things started!
  • Club Quarterly Update Form
    In order for a club to continue being active across quarters, this form should be filled out and submitted no later than the scheduled Clubs 101 date.
  • Club Transition Form
    We like to make transitioning as simple as possible. If your club going to continue next year, this form will let us know who to contact about your club over the summer to start again the following fall.

Running Your Club

Events, Step-by-Step

It is highly encouraged that when planning any club event or activity, you come see a Student Organizations Coordinator in CTR 210 to assist in completing the forms below.

  • Club Event Proposal Packet
    Does your club want to host an event? If you do, you will need to fill out this packet as part of your planning process, and then submit it for approval.
  • Expenditure Request Form
    Everyone likes to spend money on their club, and to do so you need to fill out this form. Anything such as buying club apparel, getting food for tabling, buying supplies for an event, needs to be on this request.
  • Contract Request Form
    If you want to bring a performer/speaker to one of your events on campus, this is the form.
  • Club Food Order Form
    If you would like to have food at an event, or order food for tabling, use this form. Make sure to include it with the Club Event Proposal Packet.
  • Post Event Report Form
    Once your event is over, we like to know how it went! Make sure to complete this packet no later than 10 days after your event and submit via email to the VP of Student Organizations.