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Pierce College Puyallup Student Life
ASPCP Clubs and Organizations Handbook


Table of Contents

Welcome to the Office of Student Life! 

It is our goal to provide you with many co-curricular and extracurricular activities to enhance the experiences you will receive inside and outside the classroom. Pierce College Clubs and Organizations provide an excellent atmosphere of leadership opportunities, community building, and of course, fun! 

The mission of Student Life is to provide you with experiences to help you succeed and achieve your academic goals. By joining a club or organization, you open the door to many wonderful experiences. Our faculty advisors care about your success and we have a support system in place that is designed to give you the support you need to excel through your club experience. 

Above all, we want you to feel connected to your college and meet many new people from different backgrounds. We are excited you’ve chosen to create or join a club at Pierce College and you can expect to meet some fantastic students and advisors who care about you and your achievements. We look forward to helping you GET INVOLVED at Pierce College Puyallup! 

Sincere Regards, 

Sean Cooke
Director, Office of Student Life 

Office of Student Life Contact List 

Student Life Staff: 

  • Director of Student Life: Sean Cooke, 
  • Student Engagement Specialist: Kelsie Nabass, 

Clubs Coordinators:

  • Vice President of Clubs: Phuong Do, 
  • Clubs Coordinator: Charis Peever, 
  • Clubs Coordinator: Itzel Neito, 

ASPCP Vision and Mission 

Vision Statement 

ASPCP Student Leadership aims to achieve a dynamic campus environment in which all students are represented and have an opportunity to participate. 

Mission Statement 

To serve students by providing diverse opportunities for involvement to build campus communities and represent student concerns in college decision-making. 

Pierce College Puyallup Disclaimer 

By recognizing a club, the college does not assume responsibility for the club’s action or activities; nor does it imply that the college in any way endorses the club’s stated aims, objectives, policies, or practices. Clubs may not lend their name to non-college groups for the purpose of procuring college facilities or services for non-college events. A club may not use the college name without the express written authorization of the college, except to identify its institutional recognition. 

Student Community

We recognize that there are groups on campus that would like to be able to regularly get together for activities on campus. If so, starting a student community might be the right fit for you! 

To start a community, you must submit a Community Registration Packet, and follow the requirements listed below. 

  • Maintain a minimum membership of five currently enrolled students at Pierce College Puyallup, including the Community Leader. 
  • Submit a Meeting Room Request for your regularly scheduled activities though the OSL. 
  • Submit a Graphics Request form so that we can promote your activities to the rest of campus. 
  • Submit a Quarterly Update Form so we know you will be active in the following quarter. 

*All forms must be submitted to the VP of Clubs and Organizations VIA EMAIL. 

**Student communities may not request funds from the Inter-Club Council. 

Chartered Club Requirements 

Chartered Clubs are student groups that have been officially chartered by the Associated Students of Pierce College Puyallup (ASPCP). Once their charter has been approved by the ASPCP Student Council, student clubs may request funds from the Student Council. 

In the past, clubs have used these funds to attend sports events and concerts, build drones, and purchase swords & armor to practice medieval martial arts! If you want to make friends, gain leadership experience, strengthen your transfer application, and have a interest or hobby that you would like to share with the rest of the Pierce community, you should start a club! 

To start a Club, you must submit a Club Registration Packet with the advisor’s signature, and follow the requirements listed below. 

  • Maintain a minimum membership of five currently enrolled students at Pierce College Puyallup. 
  • Identify a part-time or full-time staff member to serve as an advisor. 
  • Club leadership must attend an orientation within a week of being chartered by the ASPCP Council. 
  • Participate in Clubs 101 and Clubs Fest each quarter. 
  • Hold monthly club meetings open to the entire Pierce College Puyallup student body. 
  • Submit a Quarterly Update Form no later than the scheduled Clubs 101 date. 
  • Maintain communication with the Clubs Board. 

*All forms must be submitted to the VP of Clubs and Organizations VIA EMAIL. 

Expectations of Club Leaders 

  • Ensure that the club adheres to all policies and procedures of Pierce College, the Office of Student Life and those laid out in this Club Handbook. 
  • Build a positive community within the club and promote leadership, development of self and club members. 
  • Maintain open membership to all students of Pierce College on a non-discriminatory basis. 
  • Notify the Clubs Board of any changes in club name, meeting times, designated leaders, and club purpose. 
  • If there is a change in club leaders or officers, the new leaders must attend an orientation with the Clubs Board. 
  • Attend mandatory Clubs Board events and meetings, or designate a student representative to attend as outlined in the Chartered Club Requirements (page 5). 
  • Notify a Clubs Coordinator if you are going to be late to a meeting. If the club member arrives more than 10 minutes late, without prior notice, the Clubs Coordinators reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the meeting with the club member. 

Expectations of Faculty and Staff Advisors  

  • Be currently employed full-time or part-time staff or faculty members at Pierce College Puyallup—this includes adjunct faculty. 
  • Be familiar with the nature, and objectives of the club, as well as the policies and procedures outlined in this Club Handbook. 
  • Advisors may only advise a maximum of two clubs. 
  • Attend one mandatory advisor orientation with the Student Engagement Specialist. 
  • Attend the majority of their club’s meetings. 
  • Attend all off-campus events and trips. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Director of Student Life. 
  • Review expenditures of the club and sign necessary forms to comply with state and college policies. When in doubt, consult with the Director of Student Life. 
  • Enforce and report all violations of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code to the Director of Student Life. 

ASPCP Clubs Board 

The Clubs Board is responsible for recruiting new clubs and supporting existing clubs in their efforts to build communities at Pierce College Puyallup. The Clubs Board hosts quarterly Clubs 101 and Clubs Fest events. The Clubs Board consists of the ASPCP Vice President of Clubs and Organizations and two Clubs Coordinators. 

Vice President of Clubs and Organizations 

  • Oversee the Club Chartering process. 
  • Act as liaison between Clubs Board and ASPCP Council. 
  • Process club funding requests and notify clubs when expenditure requests have been approved/denied. 
  • Notify clubs when Club Event Proposals are approved/denied. 
  • Coordinate quarterly Clubs Fest and Clubs 101 events. 
  • Coordinate updates to the OSL Website with club information. 
  • Coordinate quarterly club meeting times and room reservations with the Student Engagement Specialist. 

Club Coordinators 

  • Use their knowledge and experience in event planning to assist clubs in planning and coordinating successful events that meet the goals of their organization. 
  • Deliver orientations for new club leaders that will inform them of club policies and procedures and give them tips & tricks that will help them achieve their goals. 
  • Assist clubs with all policies and procedures related to maintaining an active club status. 
  • Clearly communicate relevant deadlines and procedures for completing club related paperwork. 
  • Promote student clubs, meeting times and club events via tabling and other methods. 
  • Advise club leaders of all resources provided through the Office of Student Life. 

*Members of the Clubs Board may not be a leader of an ASPCP Club or Organization.

Revoking/Suspending Club Charter Status 

The ASPCP Student Council may revoke, suspend, or deny a club’s charter if the club: 

  1. Does not abide by the Student Code of Conduct, Pierce College Puyallup policies and procedures, or the policies set forth in this club handbook. 
  2. Disrupts ASPCP activities or classes in session at Pierce College. 
  3. Violates state or federal law. 
  4. Does not meet the necessary requirements to maintain club status. 

When a club is in danger of losing their charter the ASPCP Vice President of Clubs and Organizations will notify the club leadership and advisor via email that their charter will be considered for revocation at the next regularly scheduled Student Council meeting and will provide the date, time and location of that meeting. At the Student Council meeting the Vice President will communicate the reason(s) that the club’s charter is being considered for revocation, and the club leadership will be provided an opportunity to speak on their behalf. The Student Council will then vote on the revocation of the club’s charter. The Vice President of Clubs and Organizations will notify the club leader and club advisor of the results if the club leadership is not in attendance. If a club’s charter is revoked, the club will immediately lose access to all S&A funds and will no longer be able to re-serve space on campus. All projects, events, or activities of that club will be canceled. 

Club Actions Prohibited by the ASPCP 

  • Off campus bank accounts of any kind. 
  • Personally profiting from a club or soliciting from club membership. 
  • Alcoholic beverages/drugs at any club sponsored function, including meetings, conferences, and events. 
  • Unapproved fundraising activities. 
  • Hazing of any kind. 
  • Discrimination on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, abilities, age, religion, marital status, or veteran status. 
  • Use of S&A funds to support fundraising activities for outside organizations (non-profits, political organizations, etc.). 
  • Use of S&A funds by religiously affiliated clubs/programs for worship. 

Club Funding Process 

Once a club is officially chartered by the ASPCP Student Council they are eligible to apply for funding from the Student Council. It is important to remember that all club budgets are state dollars that are subject to college and state policies. If your club wishes to apply for funding for a club event or activity, you must: 

  1. First, schedule a meeting with a Clubs Coordinator for help in finding an estimate or coming up with ideas for your event. You’ll discuss what you would like purchase (shipping, handling and tax included), or how to get quote from the vendor you’re hoping to contract if appropriate. 
  2. Schedule a meeting with a Clubs Coordinator to create an expenditure request. Bring copies of any quotes, links to the websites you want to purchase from, and anything else that can help us to create an accurate quote for your expenditure request. 
  3. The Club leader then submits the completed expenditure request to the VP of Clubs & Organizations, who will place it on the Student Council agenda. The Student Council will review your request and consider it for funding. 

Funding Policies

  1. Once funds have been approved for your club the Office of Student Life will coordinate the purchasing and/or contracting required for your event/activity. Please do not purchase items independently!! We may not be able to reimburse you if you do so! 
  2. Funds allocated to a club that have not been used by the end of the quarter during which their event or activity was scheduled will be returned to the Student Council budget unless an exception has been authorized by the Director of Student Life. 
  3. Items purchased with S&A funds are property of the ASPCP. If a club’s charter status is revoked or the club does not re-register, supplies & equipment must be returned to the OSL, unless otherwise communicated by the Clubs Board. 
  4. At the end of the academic year, please return supplies so the ASPCP can complete our inventory. 

Reimbursement Process 

Please note that ALL purchases must still be approved by the Clubs Board prior to purchasing. The reimbursement process is very simple and gives clubs the freedom to purchase on their own. We encourage clubs to use the reimbursement process after they are approved with funds from ICC. Reimbursement may take up to two weeks. 

Follow these easy steps to request a reimbursement: 

  1. Once funding for your event has been approved, inform a Clubs Coordinator that you would like to make a purchase with your own money. The Clubs Coordinator will request approval for reimbursement from the Director of Student Life. 
  2. Once your reimbursement has been approved, purchase your items. 
  3. After purchasing, make a copy for your records and bring the original itemized receipt to a Clubs Coordinator. 
  4. Include the purchasers full name, student ID, current address and club name. 

Conference Request Procedure 

  1. Identify the conference your club would like to attend and get all information on the conference including workshops/events, dates, costs involved and attendees. Including the advisor that will be present for the duration of the conference. 
  2. Schedule a meeting with a Clubs Coordinator to discuss a conference request and all paperwork required five weeks before your registration for the conference or event. 
  3. Complete/Review the following with a Clubs Coordinator: 
    • A list of proposed attendees, students & advisor(s). 
    • A budget breakdown including the following:
      • Registration information showing exact costs and dates.
      • Cost of lodging from the conference hotel. Documentation must include name, address, phone number and exact cost of each room (including all taxes).
      • Pierce College van rental cost including approved driver name and contact information. 
    • Itinerary or agenda for the conference/competition, show meals that are included. 
    • Pierce College travel request authorization for students and advisor(s). 
  4. You will be contacted if there is any additional information requested/required. 
  5. The office of Student Life will notify you once your conference registration has been processed and you are signed up to attend. 


* We are not able to use or other discount travel sites when travelling. 

** Drivers of Pierce College vans must complete training, pass a test, provide a driver abstract and current insurance. (This is completed through Campus Safety). 

***Drivers must be currently employed in a professional position at Pierce College. 

Clubs Fest 

Clubs Fest is a mandatory quarterly event for clubs to attend. It is an opportunity for clubs to recruit new members, mingle with other clubs, and show off their organization to the whole campus. Clubs Fest generally happens two weeks after Clubs 101. The OSL provides food and entertainment (including clubs’ performance) for students who participate in Clubs Fest. Clubs are welcome to decorate their tables to match with the theme. 

Tips for Success: 

  • Check in on time 
  • Be open and engaged with students on campus 
  • Bring your own personal device to sign students up, using only the OSL google drive 
  • Ask a Clubs Coordinator if you have any questions 

Clubs 101 

Clubs 101 is a mandatory meeting for club and organization leaders. It gives clubs leaders the chance to gain knowledge of procedures and different processes that they will need to make their club successful and to network with other clubs. This meeting will go over things that are needed throughout the year to stay recognized as a Club, receive funding and have successful events. Each quarter different things will be discussed on potential changes in procedures as well as a refresher with a speaker. The final quarter we will discuss on how to make an easy transitions and tips. 

Club Budget Caps 

  1. All clubs have a budget cap of $1500 per event. 
  2. If clubs want to request more than $1500 per event, they have to meet three criteria:
    • Maintain at least 15 active members
    • Hold at least 2 meetings with 10+ members in previous quarters
    • Have already created at least 1 event in previous quarters 

Dance Procedure 

  1. Admission to all college-sponsored dances will be limited to Pierce College students. All attendees must be 16 years of age or older. Students are required to show their Pierce College Student Identification Card to be admitted. 
  2. Security for dances will include one Pierce College Campus Safety security guard or Campus security officer and as needed per below a uniformed police officer(s) from the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the location the dance is being held. 
  3. Attendance at dances will be limited to the specific facility capacity as stated by the jurisdictional Fire Marshall. Ticket sales will be limited to the capacity of the facility. 
  4. Admission to student dances will close no later than 11:30 p.m., with dance activity to conclude no later than 1:00 a.m. 
  5. The advisors from the sponsoring organization must assist in supervising dance activities and the advisors are expected to stay until the end of the event. 
  6. Ticket sales, and all other revenue-generating activities associated with the event, must follow the cash handling procedures detailed in the Student Programs Financial Code. 

* Check with your clubs coordinator to see the official security pricing for your event. 

Non-Student Ticket Procedure 

If a club is to have an event, they must make the event only available to Pierce College students unless the non-students are not using student funds. This applies to off-campus events as well. If a club desires to have non-student attendees, the event must have a calculable price that is evenly divided between a realistic estimate of how many students will be at-tending the event. If this is for a dance specifically, there is mandatory a security fee, non-students must pay for their ticket to the dance even if nothing is purchased for the event. The price of the dance should be divided evenly by a realistic estimate of how many students will be attending the event. 

Off-Campus Events 

I. Waivers 

  • Waivers must be signed for all students in order to attend an off-campus event. 
  • Self-transportation waiver must be signed if students are not using available vans or requested shuttle. 

II. Transportation 

  • Vans are free. In order for a club to book a van, the club must be able to find two certified Pierce College van drivers. One van holds up to 11 people. 
  • Clubs Coordinator can help the club book a shuttle if Pierce College vans are not applicable. The shuttle’s cost must be included in the expenditure request. 

III. Attendance 

  • The club’s advisor must come to the entire event, unless approved by the Director of Student Life. 
  • Off-campus events may or may not be only for your club internally. 

IV. Food 

  • Option 1: Box lunches from Lancer 
  • Option 2: Eat Out using Per Diem (Non-students are not eligible for per diems) or Reimbursement (itemized receipts required) 

V. External Sign-Up Sheet 

  • If the event needs students to sign up, make sure to work with a Clubs Coordinator to create an External Sign-Up Sheet at the front desk in C210 
  • ESS should include students and non-students tickets if applicable 

VI. Non-Students 

  • Off-campus event may include non-students 
  • Figure out non-students’ price and sign-up with Clubs Coordinator. 

Posting Policies 

  1. The Clubs Board must approve all postings made by clubs and orgs on campus. 
  2. The Office of Student Life reserves the right to deny the posting or distribution of flyers/posters if information or material is commercial, obscene, unlawful, and/or contrary to the mission and goals of the college. 
  3. Posters/flyers for events, classes, programs or services must clearly identify the sponsoring Pierce College Puyallup group, organization or department. 
  4. Unless designated as a posting area (only in LSC, CTR, AAH), all areas on campus are considered non-posting zones. It is against college policy to post on walls, windows, doors, etc. 
  5. Clubs may post/advertise their events on available sandwich boards 1 week prior to their event. *If available, sandwich boards may be used two weeks prior to event, but they cannot be reserved. 

Promotion Guidelines 

All promotional materials are expected to be posted at least 2 weeks prior to the event date and taken down right after the event. Here are some do’s and don’ts to successful promo:


  • Do use plenty of blue tape 
  • Do use staples on bulletin boards 
  • Do spread out the promo across all of campus (except in ADM) 


  • Don’t have tape showing 
  • Don’t use tape and push pins on bulletin boards 
  • Don’t have multiple postings in a single room 
  • Don’t leave postings up after events 

Below are the prints that you can request and how they should be used: 

  • Handbills (1/4 sheets)—Hand out prior to event to students or at OSL front desk. 
  • Flyers (8.5”x11”)— To be used on bulletin boards, not on walls
    For events, not meeting times. 
  • Posters (11”x17”)— To be used on walls, not on bulletin boards (not allowed in ADM)
    For events, and meeting times. 

Food Purchasing Procedures  

To purchase food clubs must follow these guidelines: 

  • Your club must have been approved for funding prior to ordering food. (Exceptions: clubs who have separate funding sources.) 
  • Food orders must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the event/activity. 
  • Food must be purchased through Pierce’s food service vendors, Lancer or Vista. If our services don’t provide the food you need for your event, you can request permission from Lancer to purchase food from an outside vendor. In this case a Clubs Coordinator must assist you in submitting a Food Exception Form. 
  • The Director of Student Life must approve the food order. 

Food Requests 

  1. Review the Catering Guide/Menu for Lancer with a Clubs Coordinator and determine what you would like to order. The Clubs Coordinator can assist you with filling out a Food Order Form. 
  2. Have your advisor sign the completed form and return it to a Clubs Coordinator a mini-mum of two weeks prior to the date of your event. 
  3. Your food will be delivered and set up by Lancer, or you can pick it up at Lancer (CTR) 
  4. You cannot request food for your weekly meetings! 


A potluck is defined as a sharing of food amongst club and community members. Potlucks are only for meetings and private gatherings of the club and community membership. In the case of a potluck, the food policy does not apply. Events may not include potlucks. 

Non-Conference Travel Policies 

In order to plan an event that is off campus, it is advised that club leadership meets with a Clubs Coordinator. After the event has been approved, there are guidelines to follow. 

  • The club’s advisor must join the club on the trip and be present during the entire length of the program, unless approved by the Director of Student Life. 
  • Student carpooling can be approved, as long as all students travelling in privately owned vehicles sign and submit self-transportation waivers. These waivers are separate from any other risk and liability waivers that must be signed for the event/trip. 
  • Pierce College faculty or staff (with van driver certification) can drive students by utilizing OSL vans. 
  • Supplemental travel documents will vary depending on the nature of the trip. 
  • Students participating in official Pierce events that take place off-campus are subject to all the rules and regulations outlined in the Pierce Student Code of Conduct, including its Student Rights and Responsibilities Code. Specifically, no students are al-lowed to consume alcohol or drugs while travelling with the college, even if you are of legal age to do so. 

Services and Resources 

Mail and Mailboxes 

Each organization can pick up mail at the Student Life front desk . You may use the following address to receive mail: 

Club/Organization Name
Pierce College Puyallup
Office of Student Life, C210
1601 39th Avenue SE
Puyallup, WA 98374 

Basic Office Supplies 

Basic supplies are provided free to clubs and can be accessed at the Office of Student Life. 

Telephones and Fax 

The Office of Student Life has a student telephone , scanner, computers, and fax to conduct club business only: Fax: 253.840.8487 

Copying and Printing 

Forms are available in the Office of Student Life. Be sure to get pre-approval prior to making copies, since it will use S&A funding. Submit copy requests a minimum of 4 days prior to the date needed. Requests of 30 copies or more will be sent to the college print shop. 

Plasma Screen 

To post announcements or information on the campus wide plasma screens submit a graphics request to the Club Coordinator. 

Room Reservations 

Use of Pierce College Puyallup classrooms and conference rooms for meetings or events is at no charge to student clubs and organizations. The Club President can reserve rooms in the Student Life Office C210 through the club room request form. Please notify Student Life regarding any room changes and reservations. 

Budget Management 

All club funds are administered through the ASPCP Student Council Please note: all spending must be pre-approved. We are available to answer questions and to help you with expenditure procedures. 

Consultation Services/Club Support 

Club Coordinators are available to provide club leaders with the following support: event planning support, marketing, club promotion and development strategies, recruitment and continuity information. 

Student Life Graphics Coordinator 

Graphic design services are available through the Student Life office. Please contact a Club Coordinator for further information. 

Glossary of Terms 

Clubs Coordinators

This team of student leaders is dedicated to supporting clubs. They ensure that there is someone to answer questions for club leaders during Student Life office hours. They are eager to help you with completing forms, purchasing supplies, building and marketing your club, event planning, and more. 

Clubs 101

This is a mandatory event for clubs to attend quarterly. This event is hosted by the clubs board for the club leaders to come learn about any updates on processes/procedures. This is a great time to meet other clubs and her what is on their minds about what clubs are planning on doing the coming quarter. Typically this is at the beginning of the quarter so new clubs can also attend and learn about how to be a club. 

Clubs Fest

The Clubs Fest is held quarterly and is a wonderful way for clubs to promote their activities. The Clubs Fest is scheduled during the beginning of the quarter, typically a afternoon weekday, which is one of the busiest times on campus. All clubs are required to participate in Clubs Fest. 


An expenditure is an amount of money that is spent towards purchasing something. All expenditures must be pre-approved, which means the form must be coded & signed, before a purchase can be made. 


  • Club Registration Packet: This packet - consisting of Graphics Request and Meeting Request Forms - is the first step in the process of forming a new club. It asks for general information about the club being formed— club name, the purpose, student members and contact information.
  • Club Event Proposal: This form is used by clubs when they want to have events on/off campus. The purpose of this form is to create a clear outline of what your event will be about and any expenses you will have.
  • Expenditure Request: This is the form used to make all purchases necessary to support your club. When the form is completed and approved by Club Leadership, it moves on to the budget manager for coding and signature. When the form is coded and signed, clubs may move forward with their purchase.
  • Liability Waiver: This is used when clubs want to have events off campus or planning on having strenuous activity where participants could potentially injure themselves.
  • Quarterly Update Form: This is a short document that informs the OSL that your club is still active, providing us with the information we need to reserve meeting space for your club, and informing us of any changes in your club’s leadership or advisor.

Interclub Council

This is a Council of Pierce College club leaders. Each chartered club must send a representative to these meetings. This meeting provides an opportunity for information sharing, training, networking and collaboration. Interclub Council is a mandatory meeting for certified clubs. 

S&A Funds 

Part of each student’s tuition goes towards the Services and Activities Fee (S&A). The ASPCP Student Senate creates a yearly budget identifying how these funds are allocated. There are state laws in place outlining permissible use of S&A funds.

*These forms can be found on the Puyallup Student Life Club Forms page, or email the VP of Clubs and Orgs and they will send you a copy.