Clubs Board

Andrew Freeman

andrew freeman

Student Organizations Coordinator

Hello! My name is Andrew Freeman, and I am part of the Clubs Board. I am studying Biology at Pierce College with the intent to transfer to the University of Washington. I would like to work in the scientific field and further our understanding of the world in which we live through the eyes of a microscope. Life starts with a cell, and by knowing what we can do with the cells around us, the possibilities for progression and change can be endless. My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla because without this simple flavor, the toppings you add to the scoop to make it delicious would be useless. My spirit animal is a wolf because of its dominance in nature. When you get lost in the woods, it will guide you through its strength and resilience. The wolf will get you on the right path for that next good meal.

Yajaira Perez

yajaira perez

Student Organizations Coordinator

Hello! My name is Yajaira Perez, and I am your Student Organizations Coordinator. Traveling the world is my life goal, so my academic goal is to transfer to the University of Washington Tacoma and pursue international business. Strawberry cheesecake ice-cream is by far my favorite because the creamy cheesecake bites complete my soul. My spirit animal is an owl, because I am not a morning person and because I have big eyes.

Jocelyn Velasquez

jocelyn velasquez

Student Organizations Coordinator

Hello, my name is Jocelyn Velazquez! I am part of the Club’s Board at Pierce College Puyallup. This is my second year doing running start at Pierce College Puyallup. I plan to graduate spring of 2020 with my high school diploma and General AA and transfer to a 4-year university. My favorite ice cream is Jamoca because of its creamy coffee taste. My spirit animal is a dolphin because I enjoy being in the water and socializing.

Niaz Ahmed

niaz ahmed

Student Organizations Coordinator

Greetings! My name is Niaz Ahamed and I’ll be one of your Student Organizations Coordinators this year. I intend to major in Computer Science as I have a keen interest in programming and tech. My favorite ice cream is vanilla, which I pair with caramel when I’m feeling particularly adventurous. If I’m not studying, working or watching anime at home, I’m typically doing mixed martial arts or I’m on the dance floor practicing salsa. The wolf best characterizes my personality and traits (or at least the ones I’d like to build) – its fierceness, wit, agility, and ability to stand as both a member of a pack and also firmly on their own, are just a few of the many qualities I aspire to have. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals here at Pierce College!

Ling Itzel Martinez

ling itzel martinez

Student Organizations Coordinator

My name is Itzel Martinez. I am a Student Organizations Coordinator. My goal is to graduate with my AA degree and then transfer to a four-year university to major in psychology. My overall favorite ice cream is strawberry cheesecake because it’s a mix of two of my favorite things! If I had to choose my spirit animal, it would have to be a turtle because I like to keep peace all the time and find them always trying to remain relaxed. They also seem to always be observant of their surroundings, which I like to be.

Andrew Helgerson

andrew helgerson

Student Organizations Coordinator

Hola, Hello, Bonjour, Ni Hao. I am (Daniel) Andrew Glenn Helgerson. I am on the Clubs Board here at Pierce College Puyallup. I hope to graduate with a 3.6 or higher. I also would like to transfer to UW Seattle, but I will see when I figure out my field of study which is a four-year university. I sound silly for this, but I would like to get a Ph.D. at some point just to have the title of Dr. Helgerson. My spirit animal is an owl because I love darkness and a good midnight snack. My favorite ice cream is either coffee or mint chocolate chip because I am sophisticated but in touch with my inner child.