Graduates from the TRiO program

TRiO Courses

College 112

All TRiO students are strongly encouraged to complete the free two-credit College 112 class. This class is an interactive capstone course designed for students to support development of personal and academic skills required for success at a four-year school. Topics include networking, mentoring, overcoming personal life challenges, expanding and expounding on a previous exploration in self-awareness and values clarification, and personal preparation for transition to a four-year college. Students will learn how to select a four-year college, apply for admissions and financial aid, and research academic and social support resources at selected colleges.

College 114

This free two-credit course is designed to provide financial knowledge and tools to be successful through college and beyond. Students will learn topics such as college financial aid (grants, scholarships, and student loans), budgeting, understanding credit, investing, debt, financial planning and goal setting.