Life happens inside and outside the classroom. Sometimes this can cause problems for students in either or both spheres. Counseling can help students sort through their difficulties and figure out what they can do to improve their situations. This might be learning about resources on- or off-campus, or identifying how one’s strengths can be put to use, or just having the opportunity to talk to someone.

In an effort to address the variety of needs—personal, emotional, and academic—of all its students, Pierce College provides counseling services to enrolled students free of charge.

Faculty counselors are licensed mental health counselors for the state of Washington. They are trained to provide consultation with faculty, staff, and students; to provide short-term personal counseling; and to make appropriate referrals to community agencies. Faculty counselors also provide a wide range of services, including crisis intervention and presentations on issues common to the college environment, such as time/stress management, suicidality, eating disorders, alcohol/substance use/abuse, and relationship issues.

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