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The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Pierce College offers learners at all levels the opportunity to succeed.

ESL Levels 1 - 4

Students build skills in reading, writing, technology, listening and speaking.

  • ESL students are placed into levels 1 - 4 based on their CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System) evaluation scores.
  • In some cases, ESL level 4 students are in a separate class from ESL levels 1 - 3.
  • ESL level 4 students may also be enrolled in a Grammar and Writing class.
  • A student moves beyond ESL level 4 based upon CASAS assessment scores, teacher recommendations, writing samples and overall student readiness.

ESL Levels 5 - 6

Students can pursue GED, high school diploma or adult basic education pathways.

  • Integrated classes are offered for students pursuing different goals. Students choose from Math, Science/English, History/English and Grammar/Writing.
  • ESL level 5 - 6 students can continue working on English skills.
  • ESL level 5 - 6 students can choose to pursue a High School Diploma or a GED.
  • Students in their last term of the High School Diploma program take college level classes for only $25. This last term, titled the I-TRANS term, credits the student for earning both their High School Diploma and their first quarter of college level classes.

Other Programs Available to Level 5 - 6 ESL Students

ESL level 5 - 6 students can also choose to continue into professional technical career training or college level programs.

Integrated Basic Education Skills Training (I-BEST)

A unique program for students who need basic skills and professional technical career training. I-BEST students are paired with an Adult Basic Education, ESL, or GED instructor, as well as a professional technical program instructor for twice the support in each classroom at no added cost.

Programs are available for Business Information Technology (BTECH) and Early Childhood Education (ECE). I-BEST students work with our department's Program Coordinator for help with intake and enrollment.

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College Level Programs

Pierce College offers Career Pathways to guide students towards their career goals. Pathways include Arts, Humanities, and Communication, Business, Education, Healthcare, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and Social and Behavioral Science, Public Services.

ESL students work with our ESL Transitions Specialist to select their program pathway. GED, High School Diploma, and adult basic education students work with our Program Support Supervisors and our department's Program Coordinator to select their program pathway.

Once the ESL student chooses a pathway, they are assigned a Student Success Coach or a Faculty Advisor for continued help with navigating their college career.

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