Student Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the deadline for the next scholarship?

This information is available on the Foundation Scholarships web page.

2. Where do I submit my application?

Students can use their .smail email and Canvas login information to access the scholarship via the AwardSpring website. The link to the scholarship site is also available on the Foundation Scholarships web page. Students should not submit their applications via email as they will not be reviewed.

3. Do I need to have a FAFSA on file?

We highly recommend that you complete your FAFSA at least 30 days prior to applying for a scholarship.

Why? Being able to express financial need is an important element of the scholarship application. Having a FAFSA on file will further corroborate the information provided on your application regarding financial need.

Completing a FAFSA  means that you could also be eligible for other financial resources, like Pell Grants.

4. This is my first quarter at Pierce College, can I apply?


5. Do I need to provide a transcript?

No. When you log in to the application site, your academic information will be supplemented into your application.

6. Do I need a letter of recommendation?

You will be asked to provide the email address of the person who will complete your letter of recommendation. Please give yourself plenty of time to apply, which in turn will give your recommender more time to complete the letter.

7. I’m a Running Start student. Can I apply?

Tuition for Running Start students is covered, and, therefore, the financial need of a Running Start student is minimal. However, if a Running Start student plans to take more credits than covered by the program or enroll in a summer quarter, they may apply.

8. I’m an international student. Can I apply?

Yes. There are some scholarships available for International Education students.

9. How will I know if I’m selected for a scholarship?

All students will receive email notification regarding the decision of their scholarship application. This includes students selected and not selected to receive scholarships.

10. What qualifications do I need to have to be scholarship eligible? 

  • Must be enrolled for at least 6 credits.
  • Must be eligible to receive financial aid. If you’re unsure of this, please contact the Financial Aid office. (The Foundation does NOT have access to this information.)
  • Must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Scholarships are applied to the following quarter, so you should be planning to attend Pierce College for the following (or more) quarter. Scholarships cannot transfer with you when you transfer to a different school.

11. Is there an essay? 

Yes. There are a series of short answer questions. Please be thorough and thoughtful in your answers. Using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling is important.

If you would like assistance with the short answer portion of the application, please prepare and bring the following to the Writing Center:

  1. Writing prompt/essay questions for the Foundation scholarship application
  2. Your draft answers

The Writing Center website also has links to their online writing consultation booking system and the Writing Center Canvas space in which students can self-enroll and view hours of operation and contact information.

12. Who decides if I get a scholarship?

A committee reviews all scholarship applications. The committee is a large group of donors, staff and faculty.

13. What does the scholarship committee look at when scoring my application?

  • 0–5 points for articulating your financial need
  • 0–5 points for clearly explaining your educational goals at Pierce College and beyond
  • 0–5 points for providing information on your accomplishments, achievements and engagement (in and outside of Pierce College)
  • 0–3 points for the letter of recommendation
  • 0–5 points for the personal statement/short answer portion of the application
  • 0–5 points for the reviewer’s overall impression of your application
  • Total points available: 28

14. Do you have any tips for me?

Check out the Foundation Scholarships web page for tips on how to submit the best scholarship application.