Student Mobile Equipment Circulation Policy

Mobile Equipment is circulated to PC District students to facilitate access, creative endeavors with coursework, and student success. All available equipment is listed on the Library Media Equipment web page.

Reservation of Equipment

  • Reservations are not required, but may be made up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Library Staff may withhold equipment from circulation if it is needed to fulfill existing reservations.

Equipment Use Contract

  • All borrowers are required to complete a MOBILE EQUIPMENT LOAN AGREEMENT prior to checkout. Forms are required quarterly, when information changes or policies are updated. If no changes have occurred, the student may initial and date to verify the information remains valid for the current quarter.
  • Completed forms will be kept for the current school year and then purged.

Checkout (Charge)

  • Borrowers must be a registered student currently attending classes with the College, present a valid Pierce College ID, have completed a Mobile Equipment Loan Agreement for the quarter, and be in good standing with the library (no fines/fees on media equipment, overdue equipment, etc.).
  • A borrower may only check out one computer and one other piece of equipment (one camera, one camcorder, etc.) at a time but may have as many supporting pieces as needed (tripods, lighting kit, microphones, etc.).
  • Library Staff and the borrower verify that all equipment is as stated on the inventory card and the cost of replacement if lost or broken prior to check-out.
  • Equipment circulates for a period as noted in the record with one renewal. Lending periods vary, but most check-out for one day unless it is equipment that remains on campus, in which case it will have a two hour loan.

Check-in (Discharge)

Prior to checking in the equipment online and before the patron leaves the desk, the Circulation staff verifies all the parts are present and correct for the item, the item appears undamaged, and works with a basic run test. If something is missing or damaged, a note will be made in the borrower’s record. The borrower may write a explanation. Equipment will be inspected by the District Lab staff and any fines/replacement costs will be added to borrower records per the District Lab staff’s determination, and the borrower notified. If something is reported as not working properly borrower is asked to write a detailed description of the problem.

Theft, Loss and Recovery

  • Borrower is responsible financially for the equipment while in their possession. If lost or stolen, they must report it to the library, and file an incident report with Campus Safety.
  • Borrowers will assist fully in recovery efforts and are likely to be required to file a police report with the local authorities, which should include the equipment’s serial number, as provided by the library, and to submit a copy of the police report along with other required reporting forms to Campus Safety.
  • Equipment that is overdue by seven days, will be assumed lost/stolen. If the library has not been contacted, the library will complete the necessary reports and submit them to Campus Safety for recovery and follow-up pursuant to theft provisions in RCW9A.56.30 (theft in the third degree-value less than $750), RCW 9A.56.40 (theft in the second degree-value $750-$5000) , or RCW 9A.56.50 (theft in the first degree-valued more than $5000)

All information regarding theft and the appropriate forms can be found on the Campus Safety web page.

Problem Adjudication

  • Problems with overdue fines and issues around checkout are handled through the Circulation staff through using their standard procedures.
  • Problems involving equipment damage or replacement are handled through the District Computer Labs Manager using their standard procedures.
  • Problems with theft, loss and recovery are handled through Campus Safety
  • In circumstances where agreement cannot be reached, a referral is made to the Dean of Library and Learning Resources for follow-up.

Dated: 5-15-2018