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Printing at Pierce College

Students can use printers, photocopiers, and scanners across the District at computer labs, libraries, and other student support locations. The Paper Cut printing system was launched in 2009 and is funded by Student Technology Fee. The program is designed to help make printing equitable and to encourage sustainability of financial and environmental resources.

Each student registered for credit classes at Pierce College will have a $15 credit in their printing account at the start of each term. Accounts are reset to $15 at the start of each term and balances are not carried over between terms.

  • Single-sided black and white prints are 5 cents each
  • Double-sided prints (where available) are 8 cents
  • Color prints are 20 cents (double-sided prints are 18 cents per side.)
  • Poster prices are calculated by the size of the printout, $3/foot

On campus printing is intended for materials that support student academic work. Please use off-campus printers for personal, non-academic printing. For student club and other school-related, yet not academic, printing (such as student club flyers, newsletters, posters, etc.), please contact the Student Life offices for information.

Printing inappropriate material, as outlined in the Pierce College Information Systems Resources (CISR) Acceptable Use Policy, is prohibited.

Account Username and Password

What is my username and password?

The username and password use the following pattern for printing and for access to campus WiFi.

  • Username: First Initial Last Name Last 4 digits of ctcLink ID
    • Example: SJones6789
    • Note: If you were admitted to Pierce College before May 1st, 2020, please use the last 4 digits of your student ID number instead of the ctcLink ID.
  • Password: PCD! full birth year month day
    • Example: PCD!19920412
  • Students registered for Central Washington University at Pierce College: Add letters cwu. to username, use the password protocol above
    • Example: cwu.SJones6789

What can I do if I can't log into my account?

Contact the Student Technology Assistance Team (STAT) for assistance with logging into your account or resetting your password.

Also check these common troubleshooting steps:

  • Students admitted to Pierce College before May 1, 2020, will use the last 4 digits of their student ID number instead of their ctcLink number in the username.
  • Passwords start with the capital letters PCD and an exclamation point like this: PCD!
  • Birthdates include the four numbers of the year you were born, followed by the month and day.
    • Birthday of March 28, 1992: PCD!19920328
  • Have you tried logging in three times? The system will automatically lock an account after three missed log in attempts and it will unlock in about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Have you changed your name recently? Try your previous name. Unless you have requested that your student email be changed, then your previous name will remain on your printing account also.
  • Is your last name more than 16 letters long? If so, please begin by removing any hyphens in your name, and then removing letters from the end of your last name to get the total number of characters in the username down to a maximum of 20 characters.
  • Are you attending classes this term? Only students registered for the current term will have an account. If you are a student who attended classes during a previous term or are a guest at the college, please contact library staff. They will create an account for you and collect cash for any prints you would like to make.
  • Did you register a little late for classes? An account will need to be created for you. Please contact the library for assistance.

Do all students at Pierce College have printing accounts?

Yes, all students enrolled during the current term for Pierce College credit classes, ABE (Adult Basic Education), GED (General Education Degree), ESL (English as a Second Language), IEP (International Education Program), and Central Washington University at Pierce College classes are eligible for printing accounts funded through Student Technology Fee.

Account Balance

How can I check my balance?

You can check your account balance from any on campus computer by logging into your account directly. The front page gives you a quick look at what is going on with your account and the transactions tab will break down your printing in detail. Be sure to log out of your account when you are finished!

How can I add more money?

Students can add more money to their printing accounts with cash or check at the library.

  • Fort Steilacoom Campus Library: Cascade building, 4th floor.
  • Puyallup Campus Library: Brouillet (Library/Science) building, 2nd floor.

Students can use debit or credit to add money to their printing accounts at cashiering. Students must bring their receipt from cashiering to the library to activate the funds.

  • Fort Steilacoom: Cascade Building, Room 305
  • Puyallup: Gaspard Administration Building, Room 118A

Do the Tech Fee credits or cash I added stay in my account from term to term?

No. After the end of every term, all accounts are cleared back to zero. Each registered student will start the next quarter with $15 in credit from Student Technology Fee funds. If you need to add money to your PaperCut account, please add only what you think you will need for the current quarter. This money cannot be refunded. Any balance left over in accounts goes directly back into the fund used to support student printing on campus.

There was a problem with my prints. Can I get a refund or a free reprint?

Credits or free reprints will be given for printer malfunctions such as paper jams, smeared toner, or other mechanical errors. Ask the library or computer lab employees for assistance with reprints if needed. Credits will not be given for unwanted printouts.  

Credit for printer malfunctions will be issued through the library. Bring the damaged prints to the Borrow desk and speak with a staff member. Computer center consultants cannot issue print credits for failed or unsatisfactory print jobs but can help you file for reimbursement. 

A Print Credit Form is available for situations where it is not possible to visit the library to inquire about receiving a credit. Printed forms are available at the computer centers or you can download the Print Credit Form online. Complete the form, attach the damaged pages, and submit to the Library within 3 business days of the printer error. Your account will be credited within 10 business days.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Printing

Can I print from my laptop?

Sorry, wireless printing is not available on campus. Students can email what they want to print to themselves and then open it on a campus computer for printing or are welcome to save files on a flash drive and print them from a regular college computer.

I am not a Pierce College student. Can I print on campus?

Yes. Library staff can create a printing account for guests starting for as little as 40 cents and add money to the account as needed. The library staff can release small jobs and accept payment for one-time guest users, so please work with them if you have questions about how to print.

Can District employees print in libraries, computer labs and classrooms?

Employees who would like to print items that are not work related may create a guest printing account at the library with their personal funds.

The Doc Shop and other departmental printing resources should be the primary method for work-related faculty and staff printing. Limited printing on student computers and instructor workstations in the Library and Computer Centers will be funded by the College to facilitate research or other impromptu work, but you should strive to limit printing that utilizes Student Technology Fee funded resources.