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Marketing and Communications is responsible for:

  • Design and content development for the College website
  • Content updates for the college website (
  • Content updates for the intranet (

Content Updates to Existing Web Pages

To request a simple content update to the college website or intranet, please email your request to

Please include:

  • The URL of the page to update (e.g.,
  • The specific changes needed or new files that need to be added
  • If you are sending revisions to an existing page, please indicate what changes in the new version

New Web Pages or Web Page Rework

The College website launched in 2017 has a standardized design. The design includes standard fonts, colors, layouts, menus, link styles, and graphics. It was developed by professional web designers with the following goals:

  • Create a consistent look and feel throughout the website for students and other website users
  • Adopt a minimalist approach to help website users easily skim and find information
  • Professionally represent the Pierce College brand
  • Adapt to multiple screen sizes, with primary focus on smaller mobile screens (responsive)
  • Meet legal requirements for website accessibility and ease of use with screen readers
  • Follow the latest web best practices

In 2017, the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations awarded Pierce College a District 7 regional gold medallion award for our new website design.

We have a few layout/design templates for web pages that follow the guiding principles above. Within these templates, the following items are adjustable:

  • The content/text/words on each page, including how the text and headlines are organized.
  • Which pages to include in a department’s section, including the addition or removal of pages.
  • Which items appear on right-side menus (not how these menus look — this is standardized for the College)
  • Images to include on a page (in already established sizes for established page layouts). Images must be high quality, meet accessibility requirements, and have a signed photo release for any individuals in the photos.
  • We do not add fonts in other colors than the standard fonts, and we don’t add backgrounds. Both of these practices can violate accessibility requirements.

While we recognize that design can always be improved, we also value the web user experience and branding consistency. So we will adhere to the design templates for new content. Design elements can be subjective, and you may prefer a different look. But studies show that as long as design is not an obstacle, a consistent design is most valuable to website users as they travel throughout the site. Design variations throughout the site can be an obstacle to easily finding information. At some point, we may revisit the design to keep it fresh. If we make changes, we would consult a professional designer and implement design changes on a site-wide basis. You can send design change suggestions to be considered in future redesigns to

The website home page is a Pierce College asset. It has a unique design and more involved programming because it serves a specific purpose as the College’s primary online presence. Changes to the College home page and top and bottom menus are rare and must be approved by the Director of Marketing and Communications in possible consultation with the executive team.

To request new web pages or content rework for your department's pages, please get approval of your dean or director and complete a work request. We will then consult with you on selecting the best design template for the proposed content.

Work Request

MyPierce or Other Pierce College Systems

To request changes to MyPierce, the class schedule or other Pierce College systems, please contact Web Services at

How do you know if you should contact Web Updates or Web Services?

Web Updates can help with pages where the URL starts with or If your URL starts with, contact Web Services.