Prepare for a broad range of careers through the study of governments, public policies and political processes and behaviors. Earn an associate’s degree for transfer to a four-year college.

Political Science Pathway

Political science is the study of governments, public policies, and political processes and behaviors. Using a number of scientific tools, political scientists are able to examine the processes, policies, and political systems of all cultures and places.

Political science students gain skills that are useful in a number of fields and occupations, including governments, law, business and industry, international organizations, nonprofit groups, and electoral politics.

Political Science Major

The following courses are recommended for students preparing to major in political science:

  • POLS& 101: Intro to political science
  • POLS& 202: American government
  • POLS& 203: International relations
  • ENGL& 101: English composition I
  • ENGL 107: Composition: Writing about literature
  • MATH& 146: Intro to statistics
  • CMST& 102: Intro to mass media
  • CMST& 220: Public speaking
  • HIST& 156-158: History of the United States I-III
  • PHIL& 101: Intro to philosophy
  • CJ 112: Criminal justice in America
  • POLS& 200: Introduction to law
  • PSYC& 100: General psychology
  • SOC& 101: Intro to sociology
  • ANTH& 206: Cultural anthropology or GEOG 207: Economic geography
  • ANTH&205: Biological anthropology
  • GEOG 205: Intro to physical environment
  • OCEA& 101: Intro to oceanography
  • GEOL& 101: Intro to physical geology or GEOL& 110: Environmental geology


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