Pursue a rewarding career helping people recover from injuries and physical disabilities, under the supervision of a physical therapist. Earn an associate’s degree as a physical therapist assistant.


Whatcom Community College offers its online/in-person hybrid program with a lab option at Pierce College.

Physical therapist assistants work with licensed physical therapists to provide treatment for physical injuries and disabilities. Physical therapist assistants are needed in hospitals, pediatric centers, sports medicine clinics, private practices, retirement communities, and home health agencies. Demand for trained physical therapist assistants is very high in Washington, where they can earn $16–25 per hour. See the American Physical Therapy Association website for more information on PTA duties and work environments.

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To be considered for the Physical Therapist Assistant program, students must have earned at least a C+ (2.3 GPA) or better in each of the required courses. Please note this is the minimum; most applicants obtain a 3.0 or higher.

Apply to the Program

Whatcom Community College offers its online/in-person hybrid program with a lab option at Pierce College. This is a competitive program with a competitive application process. All prerequisites must be completed prior to the fall quarter application date. The application can be accessed at Whatcom Community College. All applications from Pierce College students must be reviewed and signed by the Program Advisor, Lisa Murray. Please contact Lisa Murray for advising at lmurray@pierce.ctc.edu.

If you are a Pierce College student or anticipating completion of your prerequisite courses for the PTA Program at Pierce College please contact the Program Advisor, Lisa M. Murray at lmurray@pierce.ctc.edu.

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Whatcom Community College Advisors
Lisa Murray
Kinesiology Program Coordinator and PTA Program Advisor