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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Upward Bound cost?

Upward Bound is free to participants. All costs are paid for by the US Department of Education.

If my child does not go to a target school, can they still participate in Upward Bound?

Due to federal regulations we can serve only students who attend our target school (Clover Park High School). If your child does not attend CPHS, please check with one of the other local Upward Bound programs.

What happens if I do not meet the low income level?

Students are accepted based on income level and parents' highest education. If a household does not meet the low income level, but neither parent has a bachelor’s degree, the student may still be accepted in the program.

What happens if I (we) do not meet the low income level and I(we) have a bachelor’s degree?

We cannot accept students whose families do not meet at least one of these requirements.

Why do you need my child’s social security number?

The federal government requires us to collect social security numbers in order to track students through college graduation. All information is kept secure in our office.

Why do I need to turn in my 1040?

Upward Bound is required by federal regulations to have proof that a family meets the low income level.

Does my child need to reapply every year?

No, once a student is accepted into the program they are participants until high school graduation.

What is my commitment to Upward Bound?

Students who are accepted into Upward Bound are accepted for the remainder of their high school careers provided they keep their grades up and continue to participate. We ask that students attend all Upward Bound sponsored events. Remember, you can't get anything out of a program you don't put anything into. We promise to make an investment in your education, if you promise to invest your time and energy in Upward Bound.

If I am accepted to Upward Bound, will I be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities at my high school?

We encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities in their high schools, whether it is sports, clubs, drama or band. Although we stress commitment to the program, we also realize that the best of our students are the ones who participate in various activities.

What kind of commitments must families make to the Program?

The program would like to develop a strong working partnership with each student and his/her family. Therefore, it is important that the family unit consider the following: purpose of the program, services provided, time commitments for the school year and summer programs, and the importance of open communication.

What does the program expect?

The TRiO Upward Bound Program requires a commitment from the students to:

  • Take a college prep curriculum during the academic year
  • Work hard and have a positive attitude
  • Participate in the summer program
  • Attend the after school meetings
  • Graduate from high school 
  • Attend a college or university and graduate