ctcLink Resources for Students

Learn how to use ctcLink with these helpful resources.

Getting Started

Activate Your Account - Learn how to log into ctcLink for the first time. Remember, to activate your account you will need to select Activate Your Account on the login screen.

Troubleshooting - Solutions to common ctcLink login problems.

Video: How to Activate ctcLink Account

Quick Start Guide: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for ctcLink and Canvas - What is MFA? Get started with MFA now and find resources for additional MFA support. This guide is available in additional languages:

How to Login: Multifactor Authentication (MFA) - To increase account security, MFA will be enabled for students beginning July 15, 2024. Learn more about your MFA options and how to set up MFA on your ctcLink account.

Check Your To Do List - You may be assigned To Do tasks in ctcLink that may be crucial to complete for financial aid or to be able to register for classes. This guide will show you how to check your To Do list in ctcLink.

View Messages in Message Center - Pierce College will send important notices and announcements to you via Message Center in ctcLink, including financial aid information. This guide will show you how to check Message Center to view new messages.

Personal Information

How To Update Your Preferred Name


Video: Who is My Advisor? - Learn how to find your advisor and their contact information in ctcLink.

Class Modalities - Pierce College offers classes in-person, online and in a hybrid combination of both. Learn how to find the type of class you need.

Registering in the Class Schedule

The Class Schedule can be found within the ctcLink Mobile Homepage. This has the same functionality of ctcLink, such as searching and registering for classes, with a more user-friendly interface. 

Enroll in Classes in the Class Schedule - Learn how to enroll in classes from the class schedule.

Search for Classes in the Class Schedule - Find your upcoming classes for registration in our class schedule.

Understanding Class Details in the Class Schedule - Online? Hybrid? How many credits? Learn what the different fields mean for each class in the class schedule.

Registering in ctcLink

You can also use the ctcLink student homepage to register for classes. From your student homepage, click on the Manage Classes tile to get started with searching and registering for classes.

Enroll in Classes in ctcLink - Enroll in classes or add classes to your shopping cart to enroll in later.

Search for Classes in ctcLink - Find your upcoming classes for registration in ctcLink.

Video: Registering for Classes in ctcLink, Part 1 - Learn how to enroll in classes in ctcLink.

Video: Registering for Classes in ctcLink, Part 2 - Learn how to enroll in classes in ctcLink.

Financial Aid

View Financial Aid Disbursements

Check Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)


ctcLink Student Self-Service Course - This Canvas course will guide you through your new Student Self-Service portal.

Student Self-Service Homepage Guide - Get familiar with the tools and services available through your new homepage.

The New MyPierce Portal Guide