Pierce College Dental Hygiene students


  • Submit prerequisite course substitutions with the Substitute Prerequisite Course form, before Wednesday January 3, 2018 for the 2018 application year.
  • Submit your completed BASDH Application with all applicable documentation by 12:00 pm on Friday January 26, 2018. Currently enrolled Pierce students may find the Transcript Request Form here.
  • BASDH prerequisite courses must be complete by the end of winter quarter, or by the end of March in the year of application. 

    Please inform your advisor of this requirement in order to create an Educational Plan that will allow you to apply in 2018.

Criminal Background Policy (At Time of Application)

ALL Applicants must submit to a Criminal Background Check AT TIME OF APPLICATION. (This is a change from past years.)

Applicants with felony convictions are not eligible to participate in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene (BASDH) program courses at Pierce College.

Applicants with felony convictions will have their application Invalidated.

Felonies include but are not limited to the following:

  • Murder
  • Aggravated assault and/or battery
  • Manslaughter (unintentional killing of another)
  • Animal cruelty
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Larceny
  • Arson
  • Burglary
  • Tax evasion
  • Various forms of fraud
  • Threatening an official (police officer, judge)
  • Vandalism on federal property
  • Treason
  • Rape/sexual assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Perjury
  • Check/Cheque fraud
  • Copyright infringement
  • Child pornography
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Violating parole, probation, or recognizance bond
  • The manufacture, sale, distribution, or possession with intent to distribute of certain types and/or quantities of illegal drugs
  • In some states, the simple possession (possession without intent to distribute, e.g., for personal use) of certain types of illegal drugs, usually in more than a certain quantity but regardless of quantity for some drugs in some jurisdictions (such as Virginia for cocaine and heroin)
  • Grand larceny or grand theft, i.e., larceny or theft above a certain statutorily established value or quantity of goods

Broadly, felonies can be characterized as either violent or nonviolent:

Violent offenses usually contain some element of force or a threat of force against a person. Some jurisdictions classify as violent certain property crimes involving a strong likelihood of psychological trauma to the property owner; for example, Virginia treats both common-law burglary (the breaking and entering of a dwelling house at night with the intent to commit larceny, assault and battery, or any felony therein) and statutory burglary (breaking and entering with further criminal intent but without the dwelling-house or time elements, such that the definition applies to break-ins at any time and of businesses as well as of dwelling houses) as felonies.

The above list is not exhaustive, as each applicant with a felony conviction, outstanding violation(s), and/or multiple gross misdemeanors, can be invalidated. Consultation with the Attorney General may occur to determine whether the applicant should be invalidated.


Should the college/program deem you a valid applicant, despite non-felony convictions, and offer you an admission into the BASDH program, it is the applicant’s FULL responsibility to determine their eligibility for dental hygiene licensure through the Department of Licensing before commencing a course of study in Dental Hygiene, and if able, clear their criminal history. Please contact the Washington State Department of Health for further information at (360) 236-4700.

Department of Licensing Contact Information

Identification of Positive Criminal History—Washington State Criminal History Repository Department of Health—Licensing Application. DOH conducts criminal background check on every applicant for licensure (DH Program, dentistry, etc.)

  • Applicants must answer the DOH Information Data Sheet with integrity and honesty. Future licensure is at great risk if false information is submitted.
  • With positive criminal history, the applicant must include all reports and court documents along with detailed and complete explanations, with the application for Washington State Licensure.
  • Positive criminal history cases are submitted to a DOH review panel, where decisions regarding licensure (and possible stipulations) are determined.
  • Each case identifying positive criminal history is managed as an individual case. License stipulations may be obligatory if patient harm is potential.
  • Applicants with positive criminal history should attempt to get the violation records expunged (after a specified time, some records may be expunged).

Complete Your FAFSA by February 1

Even if you do not think you will be eligible for financial aid, completing a FAFSA may open doors for scholarships.

Workforce Funding

The Dental Hygiene Bachelor’s Program is not eligible for Workforce funding. Workforce staff can assist with completing the FAFSA. Individuals may be eligible for the Trade Act Assistance Program (TAA). Please contact your Trade Act Counselor for an individualized assessment. Students are encouraged to meet with Workforce staff to discuss their individual funding needs and explore possible community funding resources. For an appointment with Workforce staff, please call 253-964-6265.

Financial Aid Contacts

The BASDH has two direct contact people in the financial aid department to assist you as a bachelor degree student.

Name Phone Number Email
Erlinda Cruz 253-912-3654 ecruz@pierce.ctc.edu
Isabelle Mora 253-912-2290 imora@pierce.ctc.edu

BASDH Application Process Overview

  • Completing the BASDH Application Packet to the Dental Hygiene program correctly is the first step in the selection and ranking process and the Sole Responsibility of the Applicant.
  • Maintaining a valid application and/or offer of acceptance or conditional acceptance is also the Sole Responsibility of the Applicant. This includes following directions, processes, meeting deadlines, course requirements, submissions, etc.
  • Postmarks not allowed. “Due” dates mean the documents must be at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Admissions by 12:00 PM on the listed Due Date.
  • The Application Checklist (above) is provided to you as a tool for your process, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you are correctly following the current application directions and meeting all deadlines.

New Students Applying to the Dental Hygiene Program

First, APPLY to Pierce College as a NEW student.

Current Students Applying to the Dental Hygiene Program

To qualify as a current student, you must have attended Pierce College since winter quarter 2016. You do not need to reapply to Pierce College.

All Students Applying to the Dental Hygiene Program

Review the website instructions, follow all directions, and complete the BASDH Application Packet (including all additional documentation as applicable), and submit by the listed deadline in the packet.

The Extracurricular and Observation Hours Forms will need to be printed and signed after completing them.

Send initial BASDH Application Packet and all subsequent documents to:

Pierce College Fort Steilacoom
Attn: Admissions, Dental Hygiene Application
9401 Farwest Drive SW
Lakewood, WA 98498-1999

For questions, contact the Admissions Office at 253-912-3665 or Dental Hygiene program at 253-964-6796.

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