Pierce College Dental Hygiene students

Program Costs

  • The BASDH Cost Estimate for tuition, textbooks, and associated fees is $43,000.00 for two years. Highest costs occur in Summer 1, Fall 1 and Fall 2 quarters.
  • Estimated cost for the two-year (eight-quarter) Dental Hygiene Program is based on the current (April 2016) published, Washington State resident tuition rates.
  • Exam and Licensing Fees are estimates based on April 2016 rates.
  • The Dental Hygiene cost estimate excludes room and board, transportation, required professional meetings, etc., and all costs (tuition, room and board, textbooks, etc.) associated with dental hygiene prerequisite courses.
  • Please keep in mind that all costs are estimates and subject to change.
  • Dental hygiene program cost sheetTo request this information in alternative format, please contact us at denthyg@pierce.ctc.edu or 253-964-6796.

Financial Aid

The BASDH has two direct contact people in the financial aid department to assist you as a bachelor degree student.

Name Phone Number Email
Erlinda Cruz 253-912-3654 ecruz@pierce.ctc.edu
Isabelle Mora 253-912-2290 imora@pierce.ctc.edu

Workforce Funding

The Dental Hygiene Bachelor’s Program is not eligible for Workforce funding. Workforce staff can assist with completing the FAFSA. Individuals may be eligible for the Trade Act Assistance Program (TAA). Please contact your Trade Act Counselor for an individualized assessment. Students are encouraged to meet with Workforce staff to discuss their individual funding needs and explore possible community funding resources. For an appointment with Workforce staff, please call 253-964-6265.

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