Quarter System

Pierce College's academic year is divided into quarters. Fall, winter and spring quarters are generally ten weeks in length; summer, eight weeks.

Course Number System

001-049 Adult basic education, English as a second language, GED, high school completion and some developmental courses.

050-099 Developmental or pre-college-level courses, designed to help students succeed in subsequent college-level courses. These are not transferable credits.

100-299 College-level courses applicable to associate degrees.

Completion Time for Degree and Certificate Requirements

You are allowed up to six years from the date of initial enrollment at Pierce College to fulfill the degree or certificate requirements that were in effect at that time. If you do not fulfill the requirements in that period, you must meet the requirements currently in effect for your degree. All prior credit that has been evaluated as equivalent to current requirements will be counted toward their fulfillment.

The six-year period begins with the first quarter in which you enroll for five or more credits on a consecutive quarterly basis, excluding summer quarter, or when you officially declare a program of study, whichever comes first.

This policy applies to students who have initially enrolled at the college since fall quarter 1985.

Student Changes in Program

Major changes in your program of study, such as a change in the degree you are seeking, should be reported on a Personal Data Change form to the registration office at Fort Steilacoom or Puyallup. This will establish an "official starting date" for the new program and thereby preserve a full six-year period of time in which you may complete it under current requirements.

Discontinued Programs

If the degree or certificate you are working toward is discontinued, you will be permitted to finish the program, to the extent the college finds possible, provided you fulfill the requirements within six years of the date of your initial enrollment at the college. Substitutions for discontinued courses will be permitted when appropriate substitute courses are available and when authorized through the course substitution procedures currently in effect. Requests for course substitutions should be made through the appropriate faculty.

Also see graduation information.