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What is Running Start?

"Running Start" is a statewide community college program for academically qualified juniors and senior high school students to enroll in courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credit.

Running Start is available fall, winter and spring quarters. Students may enroll simultaneously in high school and college classes, or solely in college classes. College tuition for eligible classes is covered through Running Start. The maximum credit eligible is based on students combined high school and college enrollment. See the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form for credit eligibility.

Running Start is not available during the summer. Students may enroll in summer courses at their own expense with their high school's permission. A completed High School Release Form must be submitted at the time of registration.

High school graduation requirements are established by each school district. Students should check with their high school counselor to verify the courses and number of credits required in order to graduate. Generally, one five (5) credit class at the college earns one (1) high school unit.

Upcoming Registration Workshops for New Students

Note: Winter 2016 workshop dates will be announced in November. New students are encouraged to attend a workshop at the campus they will be attending winter quarter. Be sure to check back because more workshops will become available as they fill up. Thank You!

Running Start EventDate & TimeRegistration
Registration Workshop
(Fort Steilacoom Campus)
No current dates TBA
Registration Workshop
(Puyallup campus)
No current dates TBA
*Student registration workshops are for new students.

Upcoming Degree Planning Sessions for Current Students

Running Start EventDate & TimeRegistration
Degree Planning Session (Puyallup Campus) No current dates TBA
Degree Planning Session
(Fort Steilacoom Campus)
No current dates TBA
*Degree planning sessions are for currenlty enrolled students.
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Testing: 253-964-6439

Gina Gann
Program Assistant

Puyallup (PY)

Advising: 253-840-8431
Testing: 253-840-8343

Valerie Frey
Running Start Manager
253-864-3210 Chat on Cranium Cafe with Valerie Frey

Jayna Pettersen
Running Start Advisor
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Adriana Tsapralis
Testing/Running Start Program Assistant
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