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The Pierce eCampus is your "go-to" place for all courses. Upon registering, every student has an eCampus account and every course has an online classroom. One week before the start of classes each quarter (we call that Week Zero - see the Academic Calendar), you should login to the eCampus tutorial and get familiar with the materials and activities your instructors have prepared.

Our mission at eLearning is to help you make full use of the tools and resources we support, and to empower you to be successful in your learning activities. Contact us if you have questions, and feel free to share ideas that can help us do our work better!

Several kinds of eLearning courses:

Online classes. Pierce College Online (PCOL) and WashingtonOnline (WAOL) are traditionally structured online courses that allow you the freedom to attend class on your own schedule. These courses are not self-paced, so you'll need to follow the week-by-week structure and schedule of assignment deadlines like in on-campus classes. These classes have an $8 per credit technology fee per course. These classes are available anytime, from anywhere, using web-based software (the eCampus). Good study and technology skills are recommended for success.

Hybrid classes. Hybrid (H) classes combine class work at the physical campus with work that's completed in the online classroom. This is a great option if you like online learning, but still enjoy face-to-face contact with teachers and classmates. This is the best of the on-campus classroom with a strong online component. (Check the eSchedule or eCampus classroom carefully for meeting times and locations.) These classes have a $4 per credit technology fee per course. Study and technology expectations are similar to those in online classes, but you meet in a traditional classroom about half the time.

Flexible schedule classes. Enrollment follows the Continuous Entry model, but remains dependent upon space availability (limited number of "seats"). Classes are taught on a self-paced, independent study basis where there is little interaction with your fellow students.

Web-enhanced classes. Traditional face-to-face classes are combined with active use of web-based components (using the eCampus) for video lectures, homework resources and outside-of-class communication. You still meet on the normal class schedule.

Informational classes. All courses in the registration system will have an eCampus classroom, so you should plan to login and review your eCampus classrooms even if you don’t think you are an online student! The “informational classes” label covers pretty much everything that doesn’t fall into one of the types above, and whether a course is Informational or Web-Enhanced actually depends on how actively your instructor uses eCampus classroom. Typically, they will share their syllabus, post announcements when plans change and give details on how they will use the space, should the college close for an emergency.

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