Pierce College Foundation Scholarships

2012 Scholarship Luncheon

The Foundation awards approximately $160,000 in scholarship gifts every academic year, making a life-changing difference for the scores of students who are recipients.

Applying for a scholarship

These scholarships are awarded based on need, academic ability, artistic talent, vocational goals, and/or other factors. Information on newly funded and currently available scholarships here. Contact the Scholarship Program Administrator by email or at 253-864-3212 for application information.

Apply for Pierce College Foundation scholarships online at www.thewashboard.org. The application process for Winter and Spring 2016 awards will be open on August 15. The application deadline for scholarships is October 12, 2015.


Creating a profile on the WashBoard.org site will automatically match you with scholarships provided by other organizations for which you qualify.

Endowing a scholarship

Visit the giving page to make a gift or pledge today, or contact the Pierce College Foundation for more information on endowing a scholarship.

Scholarships at Pierce College, 2014-2015

  • Altrusa International of Tacoma Scholarship
  • AmVets Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Athyleen Nicholson Endowed Scholarship
  • Buster Brouillet Scholarship
  • Dale McGinnis Scholarship
  • Pierce College Foundation Scholarships
  • Fuchs Foundation Scholarship
  • Gonter Family Childcare Stipend
  • Grace Koopmans Endowed Scholarship
  • Gregg & Cherry Tinker Scholarship
  • Horst Marshall Military Scholarship
  • Jennifer Jamison Textbook Scholarship
  • Joane Moceri Scholarship
  • Kyile Lee Schreiner Memorial Scholarship
  • Lakewood Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
  • Lora Kerns Scholarship
  • Pearl H. Baumgartner Scholarship
  • Pearl Rose Education Scholarship
  • Peter Hartman Book Fund
  • Phil & Linda Yates Scholarships
  • Raider Athletic Scholarship
  • Richard A. Soileau Scholarship
  • Sharon Golightly Scholarship
  • South Hill Rotary Scholarship
  • Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
  • Steve & Sandy Wall Endowed Scholarship
  • Students for Students Book Fund
  • Carol Vanneson Memorial Scholarship
  • Thompson Family Housing Scholarship
  • Wendy Mason Memorial Scholarship