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Please contact the service provider to verify information as some services may have alternate hours and/or offerings at this time.

If you find yourself short of financial resources, we encourage you to reach out to Financial Aid – even if you never have before.  Leave a message on their phone with details of your situation, or provide them in email. Counselors will research your situation and get back to you.

Have you completed the FAFSA/WASFA?

The Financial Aid department reviews students for eligibility for federal and state grant funds and federal loans per the FAFSA/WASFA. Financial aid is awarded to help students with tuition, books, transportation and housing costs.

How to Apply for Aid

Do you need help applying for Financial Aid?

  • Staff from Metropolitan Development Center (MDC) can help you with completing the FAFSA or WASFA or other financial aid documents.
  • Call 253-964-6228 or 253-722-3429 for availability.
  • To make an appointment

Do you need help with student loans or are you facing loan default?

  • Staff from Metropolitan Development Center (MDC) can help navigating student loan default, deferment, or completing paperwork for those at risk of default.  
  • Call 253-964-6228 or 253-722-3429 for availability. 
  • To make an appointment

Are you interested in scholarships?

Many scholarships can be found online through websites such as:  

Are you receiving unemployment benefits or have received WA unemployment benefits in the last 48 months; separated from the military in the last 48 months or will in the next 12 month; displaced homemaker; are employed in a position that is not in demand?

Call Worker Retraining at 253-964-6265.

Are you receiving assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and enrolling in a Professional Technical Associates degree or certificate?

Are you a parent receiving cash assistance through DSHS and pursuing a Professional Technical Associates degree or certificate?

Call WorkFirst at 253-912-3617.

Are you a Washington resident, enrolled in a Professional Technical Associates degree or certificate?

Call Opportunity Grant at  

  • Fort Steilacoom: 253-964-6577 
  • Puyallup: 253-840-8329 

Are you a veteran or dependent who qualifies for Veteran’s Education Benefits?

Call Veterans Services at 

  • Fort Steilacoom: 253-964-6505 
  • Puyallup: 253-864-3194 
  • Fort Lewis: 253-964-6567 
  • McChord: 253-964-6606 

Are you looking for funding outside of Pierce College?

You can connect directly with a Workforce staff member to be connected to the Common Referral System (211).  

  • Call 253-964-6265 for an appointment

Do you need a full-time, part-time, work study, or internship position?

Job & Career Connections helps students and community members with connecting to employment opportunities, career events and hiring fairs, creating or revising resumes and cover letters, and interview skills.  

  • Call 253-964-6265 to make an appointment

Are you looking for resources outside of Pierce College?

You can connect directly with a Workforce staff member to be connected to the Common Referral System.  

  • Call 253-964-6265 for an appointment 

Are you between the ages of 16-24?

The REACH Center’s Youth Employment Center and Goodwill's Milgard Work Opportunity Center offers a resource/computer room for job search process and training programs.  

  • Call 253-573-6590 for more information 

Are you exploring career pathway options or in-demand careers?

Job & Career Connections can assist with career exploration, researching pathways, and in-demand occupations.  

  • Call 253-964-6265 for an appointment

Are you receiving or applying for unemployment, training benefits or commissioner approved training?

WorkSource staff assist students and community members with navigating unemployment, researching in-demand occupations, and programs on the Eligible Training Provider list. 

  • Call 253-964-6798 for hours of availability

Pierce College has a DSHS representative on-campus to meet your needs. They can accept applications for food assistance, cash assistance, complete your mid-year and yearly renewal certifications and troubleshoot applications for students and community members. 

  • Call 253-964-6265 for availability 
  • Location:  
    • Fort Steilacoom Campus: CAS Welcome Center 
    • Puyallup Campus: ADM 106